Syrian analyst to ST: Erdogan will beg Russia and Iran to get him out of trouble

Many readers are familiar with the words of the French writer Victor Hugo, “The Turks have passed by here, all is in ruins and mourning.”

The meaning of these words is clearly manifested in what the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is obsessed with the idea of being the new Ottoman Sultan, has done during his savage attacks on Syrian cities and towns in the north of Syria, especially in Aleppo city, which was fully liberated from terrorist groups few days ago.

Politically speaking, the Syrian army’s liberation of Aleppo city from terrorist groups will have repercussions for all the parties involved in the bloody conflict in Syria, according to the political analyst Dr. Ahmad al-Derzi.

The Syrian analyst made it clear that the strategic geographic location of Aleppo city on the trade route between three continents is the main reason behind the international conflict over capturing it.

“All powers have realized that the fall of Aleppo is the only key and prequel  to the fall of Damascus . The Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance has realized that it can defend its existence through achieving victory in  the battle of Aleppo , which is the yardstick,” Dr. al-Derzi said, indicating that Aleppo battle is one of the most important military battles in the 20th century because of its repercussions for all parties.

The first beneficiary from the liberation of Aleppo is Syria, which started the battle of liberating all occupied areas in the north of Syria and getting rid of terrorist groups. 

“After the liberation of Idleb, the terrorist groups will move towards Turkey, which is the major stronghold of all forms of political Islam, to make it shoulder its responsibility  for what it has committed in Syria.. Then the battle of liberating the other parts in the north of Syria and expelling the US and Turkish occupation forces will begin,” the analyst asserted.

He believes that the Turkish president Racip Tayyip Erdogan will find himself at an impasse and he will ask the Russian and Iranian presidents to get him out of trouble . “But the conditions of doing that will lead to recognizing the legitimacy of the Syrian government and the result will be withdrawing his troops from all areas he occupied in the north of Syria and restoring relations with Syria within a new framework based of equality.”

He underlined that the United States that dominates  international decisions sought to belittle  Syria in order to hinder Asia’s rising power in the regional and international arenas because it threatens Washington.

As for the future relations between Russia and Iran on the one hand and the United States on the other, Dr. al-Derzi reckons further political and military confrontations during which there will truces that will pave the way for the US’s withdrawal from the west of Asia in the coming years in accordance with the outcomes of confrontations.

Israel seeks to secure military corridors for terrorist groups to infiltrate into the central region in Syria

The analyst affirmed that the biggest loser after Turkey is Israel [Zionist entity], which is still attacking the Syrian and Iranian military sites to cause a limited war that allows it to secure military corridors for terrorist groups to infiltrate into the central region to reshuffle the cards with the aim of putting pressure on Damascus and making it crack .

"Israel is fully aware of the fact that the military of the axis of resistance is on high alert and it is ready to carry out a destructive military act against it with tens of thousands of rockets," Dr. al-Derzi stated, pointing out that the obstacles of carrying out military act against Israel are the lack of strategic environment and the existence of armed groups in Idleb.

One of these obstacles has been removed, while the other one will be removed in the near future.

"The strategic environment is available now after the US’s assassination of the Iranian General Qassem Suleimani and Deputy Commander of the Iraqi Mobilization Units Ab Mahdi al-Muhandis, which brings to our mind what happened in 2006 July war after holding 2 Israeli soldiers as hostages," Dr. al-Derzi.

He concluded by saying, that Israel will be  forced  to stop its attacks on the military sites of the axis of resistance in Syria as the liberation of Idleb is nearing its end.   

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour