Member of European Parliament to ST: “unfortunately, I would not expect any major change regarding the sanctions on Syria any time soon”

Member of European Parliament Athanasios Konstantinou has expressed regret that there would not be any major change regarding the sanctions imposed on Syria anytime soon despite the outbreak of Coronavirus globally.
In an interview with Syria Times e-newspaper, Konstantinou said: “So far, the actions of the European Union regarding the Syrian problem are against the real European interests and basically serve only NATO and the so- called Washington’s “deep state. So unfortunately, I would not expect any major change regarding the sanctions on Syria, any time soon.”
 He asserted that E.U. does  not have an independent policy regarding Syria.
“E.U. simply follows the US central policy on the matter. This is deeply disappointing for all European citizens that want to see E.U. finally to “be of age” and take its responsibilities as a strong coalition of independent and free democratic countries,” the MEP said.
Konstantinou commented on another question about the E.U. countries’ failure to control Coronavirus spread by saying: “This is very frustrating. When the crisis passes, we must evaluate in detail and re-design all the relative mechanisms. As a first estimation I would say that, the majority of European countries are liberal or neo-liberal states and thus, are more concerned about statistical cost – “efficiency” figures and numbers , and less interested in the value and quality of human life. They underestimated the danger in their hesitation to take actions that could cost money to the “Markets”. But again, it is quite early for a substantial evaluation of the reasons.”
He went on to say: “ I have to underline that, till now, we certainly learned something from this crisis, and this is the importance of the “Traditional Nation – state countries” in their contrast with the new anti-natural and degenerated vision of globalism, a vision for countries with “no borders”, where  anyone can get in without control or regulations. Globalism has proved to be a “Trojan Horse” for the entire world. If the border control, if the state of travel visas and the screening of all kind of travelers, was not put aside by the Globalism train, the spreading of this virus would be very difficult to reach today’s numbers.”
He believes that all governments that are pushing the Globalist agenda have to apologize to their citizens for all their troubles.
“I send my warmest wishes to all countries suffering from this horrible pandemic and of course to the loyal, brave and courageous people of Syria, hoping that eventually the will of Almighty God will prevail over the forces of darkness and disease,” the Greek politician added.
Asked about the origin of the virus, Konstantinou replied: This is not a question, I could answer with certainty, talking as a physician and former military officer. It is the absolute truth that there are many reasonable concerns raised on the matter. There are many questions unanswered regarding the origins of the virus. But it is very early to adopt this position, only with the use of logical indications and probabilities, without solid proofs. Otherwise we could dishonor ourselves by sliding to perceptions, methods and practices of the notorious “Bush – Blair cluster”.
“What I must stress regarding “bio-weapons” is that, they are unethical and inhuman. Their research and production should be illegal for any country. The penalty enforced on such cases should be the highest. It is extremely hypocritical for THE UN to support campaigns against landmines but allow the so-called “great powers” to invest billions researching the most dangerous, inhuman and dishonorable weapons of all. These weapons are not targeting especially the army personnel but everyone without any distinction.
“If these accusations are proven true, if the US used a bio-weapon against PRC (Peoples Republic of China) and ultimately against the whole world, then E.U. must take severe actions. But it is very early to accept this and I hope that it is not the case.”
At the beginning of the interview, the MEP thanked Syria Times for the opportunity to address its readers directly 
“We, Greek Nationalists, support the struggle of the Syrian people under the leadership of President Assad from day one,” he said.
Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour