Prof. Michel Raimbaud: Sanctions are more barbaric than military confrontations

Since the west deliberately turns a blind eye to the war of sanctions being launched by the United States against Syria and other countries, lifting these sanctions is out of the question, according to the former French diplomat Professor Michel Raimbaud.

Prof. Raimbaud argued that the West’s deliberate ignorance of sanctions is a ‘golden pretext’ for not putting an end to them. “This deception will never cancel the fact that imposing  sanctions on countries is more barbaric  than military confrontation, which is nearing an end.. It is illegal and immoral war. It is a stain on humanity...These sanctions must be lifted immediately and unconditionally. ”

“Hands off Syria and pay attention to your internal affairs, especially during the current ambiguous pandemic ,” the professor said addressing the aggressors.

He made it clear that Covid-19 crisis, which has created a chaos, has turned the world system, which is already deteriorating due to several reasons,  upside down and has raised skepticism about all firm convictions.

Prof. Raimbaud’s remarks came in a comment on a letter written by Syrian journalist Noomah Ali on her Facebook account to remind the world of the terror war being launched by the U.S. and its allies on Syria since 2011.

The letter entitled “ Be Human, lift your sanctions!’ was translated into French and published alongside Prof. Raimbaud’s comment by the Electronic Afrique Asie magazine.

Basma Qaddour