US analyst to ST: Coronavirus is being exacerbated by 5G to kill 90% of humankind

Dean Henderson, the US author and Geopolitical analyst believes that 5G will be the main tool to achieve the goal of the Crown which is obsessed with killing 90% of humankind.

He told Syria Times e-newspaper that it is quite possible that coronavirus is being exacerbated by 5G, which is currently being rolled out worldwide, to achieve the Crown's obsession with killing 90% of humankind.

"Naturally, the mainstream media will never look into this, since they are simply cheerleaders and propagandists for the Crown and the global oligarchy which props them up, " Henderson added.

Retired Senator Richard Black: Syrian army fights with enormous bravery and with exceptional tactical skill

Senator Richard H. Black (Ret.) has said that it is time for al Qaeda in Syria to surrender , pointing out that the U.S. gives diplomatic and military support to the so-called “Syrian opposition” in Idlib, despite the U.S. State Department’s $10 million bounty on its leader.

In a letter sent today to Syria Times e-newspaper, the Senator said: "I am quite pleased by the news from Idlib Province.  The Syrian Army has fought with enormous bravery and with exceptional tactical skill."

Syrian analyst to ST: Erdogan will beg Russia and Iran to get him out of trouble

Many readers are familiar with the words of the French writer Victor Hugo, “The Turks have passed by here, all is in ruins and mourning.”

The meaning of these words is clearly manifested in what the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is obsessed with the idea of being the new Ottoman Sultan, has done during his savage attacks on Syrian cities and towns in the north of Syria, especially in Aleppo city, which was fully liberated from terrorist groups few days ago.

Politically speaking, the Syrian army’s liberation of Aleppo city from terrorist groups will have repercussions for all the parties involved in the bloody conflict in Syria, according to the political analyst Dr. Ahmad al-Derzi.

"Polors Souriatsi enk" … We are all Syrians

In 2019, President Bashar al-Assad said : “The Armenians have been a patriotic group par excellence.  This was proven without a shadow of doubt during the war.  At the same time, this group has its own societies, its own churches and more importantly, it has its own schools.  And if you attend any Armenian celebration, a wedding, or any other event --- they sing their traditional songs but afterwards they sing national, politically-inclined songs.”

These words are a source of pride for all Syrian Armenians and give them more responsibilities to refresh the Armenian activities, Syrian Member of Parliament of Armenian origin Nora Arissian told Syria Times e-newspaper.

“We will remain steadfast, and we trust our Syrian army,” Aleppian resident says

Hope, steadfastness and heartbreak. These three words could summarize what you can see when you visit Aleppo city as the war on terrorist groups in Aleppo and Idleb provinces appear to be nearing some kind of end.

“Terrorist groups randomly fire rockets on many districts in our city to kill as much people as possible and to spread fear among us in order to destabilize the city. But they will fail. Life returns to the streets and the markets of Aleppo when terror rocket attacks stop,” Aleppian citizen told Syria Times e-newspaper.