The Biggest Hurdle Before Ending the Crisis

Senior intelligence officials from US-NATO and allied countries including the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar met on June 7, behind closed door at the residence of the British Ambassador in Ankara, According to a Fars News Agency report.

The topic for discussion was the defeat of the US-NATO sponsored Al Nusrah rebels following the battle of Al Qusseir which led to the victory of Syrian forces. The planning of a renewed "rebel"  offensive was envisaged:

“Top intelligence officials of the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan convened in an urgent meeting at the British ambassador’s residence in Ankara on June 7 to discuss an immediate rebel attack on the Syrian government and army positions in reprisal for the Syrian army’s recent victory in Al-Qusseir,” a liaison officer coordinating the meeting told FNA.

According to the report, cited by global research, the participants of this Ankara secret meeting included (with the exception of Jordan) the regional intelligence directors of the seven countries directly involved in supporting the terrorist attacks against Syrians. The source added that  “All the aforesaid countries sent their regional directors to the meeting, except for Jordan which was represented at a lower level.”

The meeting acknowledged the lack of morale among "rebel" forces and the need “to assess the psychological impacts of the Syrian army’s victory in Al-Qusseir on "rebel" groups and work out a morale-boost response to Damascus.”

The formulation of a renewed and coordinated "rebel" offensive was outlined, including the channeling of additional sources of financing, the delivery of weapons to the Al Qaeda affiliated “opposition” rebels (in defiance of international law and US anti-terrorist legislation):

“Given the defeat and withdrawal of the "rebel" groups from Al-Qusseir, the meeting studied possible geopolitical replacements for delivering arms shipments to the rebels,” the source added and continued, “Also participants discussed the focal points and methods that need to be dealt with by the western and Arab media to boost the morale of the rebels.”

The source said participants also “decided to increase financial aids to the "rebels" through Saudi Arabia and Qatar”.

”They also discussed several plans to retaliate the "rebels’" crushing defeat in Al-Qusseir,” he concluded.

Two weeks following the Ankara intelligence meeting on June 7, The "Friends of Syria" gathered in Qatar (June 22, 2013). France’s President Francois Hollande and US Secretary of State John Kerry were present.

The representatives from the “11 core members” of the "Friends of Syria" group agreed in a final statement “to provide urgently all the necessary materiel and equipment to the opposition on the ground”. The aid to the "rebels" was to be channeled through the Syrian opposition’s Supreme Military Council.

In addition to the funds channeled by the 11 core member states of the "Friends of Syria", large and undisclosed amounts of financial aid is also being channeled through private foundations based in the Gulf States.

Thus, those countries which have been shedding crocodile tears for the Syrians are themselves responsible to the shedding of the Syrian blood. Such countries have missed no occasion to speak about Geneva 2 and political solution to the crisis. Actually, the meddling of such countries, not to mention their relentless support to Al-Qaeda affiliates, is the biggest hurdle before the ending of the ongoing crisis.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Double Standards: Good and Bad Terrorism

Since the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the West has been adopting double standards that contributed to more bloodshed of the Syrian people and prolonging the crisis in the country. The West, which rejected to condemn the terrorist acts in Syria at the UN Security Council, is adopting a double-standard approach in evaluating terrorist acts. This approach means that there are bad terrorists that should be condemned and other terrorists that the US and its allies can ignore their acts.

The Western stand led to thwarting the international community's efforts to condemn the terrorist acts in Syria, because the US and its allies accept terrorist acts and refrain from condemning them when they go in line with their political considerations and plans in the region.

 It is also categorically unacceptable to be indifferent towards the humanitarian tragedy in Syria caused by the heinous crimes and savage atrocities committed by al-Nusra Front and other al-Qa’eda affiliated organizations. The general principles of the UN Security Council are based on showing immediate reaction against any acts of terrorism and strongly condemning them, but the West has been turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the terrorist bombings carried out by al-Nusra Front in various Syrian cities claiming the lives of thousands of innocent people. The Western pretexts used to justify the non-condemnation of these terrorist acts are futile reflecting their sinister role in concocting the conspiracy against Syria and its people.

When it comes to political considerations and interests from the West's point of view, then the terrorist acts are acceptable for them.

These countries have remained silent over the crimes of the terrorist groups who terrorized civilians in various cities, displaced them out of their homes and used them as human shields under the watching eye of the world, including the hypocrite states that pretend care for the lives of Syrian civilians, but at the same time they offer military and logistic support for the armed groups to prolong violence and terrorism and hinder any truthful efforts being exerted to resolve the crisis in the country peacefully.

Moreover, the US and its allies have been providing a political cover to the armed terrorist groups in Syria. These countries have launched distortion campaigns against the military operations being carried out by the Syrian Arab Army to restore security and stability to the country and combat the terrorism of the armed groups in Syria.


Khan al-Assal Terrorist Crime

Following the much of fuss and groundless accusations by some Western countries about chemicals use in Syria, the Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, declared yesterday that samples taken at the Syrian town where chemical weapons were allegedly used indicate that it was "rebels" - NOT the Syrian army - behind the attack.

 Evidence studied by Russian scientists indicates that a projectile carrying the deadly nerve agent sarin was most likely fired at Khan al-Assal by the "rebels", Churkin pointed out, adding that it was determined that on March 19 the "rebels" fired an unguided missile Bashair-3 at the town of Khan al-Assal, which has been under government control. The results of the analysis clearly show that the shell used in Khan al-Assal was not factory made and that it contained sarin,”.

Churkin added that the contents of the shell “didn’t contain chemical stabilizers in the toxic substance,” and therefore “is not a standard chemical charge.” The RDX - an explosive nitroamine commonly used for industrial and military applications - found in the warhead was not consistent with what the armed forces use.

Earlier, the Syrian veteran Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar Ja’afari, announced that Swedish scientist Ake Sellstrom, the UN official to investigate the claims, and UN High Representative for Disarmament Angela Kane had been invited for "constructive negotiations with the Syrian officials in order to reach an agreement, a mutual agreement on the terms of reference, mechanism and time frame of the mission.”

Dr. Ja’afari disclosed too that the Syrian authorities have seized in the city of Banias 281 barrels filled with dangerous, hazardous chemical materials capable of destroying a whole city, if not the whole country.”

The stockpile of chemicals belonging to “armed terrorist groups” included, 79 barrels of polyethylene glycol, 67 barrels of monoethylene glycol, 25 barrels of monoethanol [amine], and 68 barrels of the diethanolamine, and 42 barrels of [triethanolamine].”

A United Nations independent commission of inquiry confirmed in May 2013 that the opposition rather than the government has chemical weapons in their possession and are using sarin nerve against the civilian population. "The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law," said commission member Carla Del Ponte.  Earlier, Turkey’s state media agency Zaman, disclosed that the Turkish General Directorate of Security ceased 2 kg of sarin gas in the city of Adana in the possession of Al Nusra terrorists believed to have been heading for Syria.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Al-Qaeda has never been a threat to Occupation

The former US national security adviser,  Zbigniew Brzezinski,  said in an interview with the National Interest on June 24, that the ongoing crisis in Syria has been orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and their western allies, warning also against any US-led military intervention in Syria or arming the terrorists fighting government forces there.

Actually, Saudi Arabia will not do anything without its master's permission, the USA. They have been working very hard to destabilize Syria. Saudi Arabia is an occupied country for sure, not in theory, by a visible US presence and a tacit Israeli-guided policy and declarations.

Of all the countries, Brzezinski named, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and their western allies, as having a major role in the Syrian crisis, he neglected/or failed to name Israel. Is there any doubt, that Israel is at the very base of the root of the problem, of why Syria was invaded by terrorists sponsored by all of Israel's puppets? This whole attempt to destroy Syria, is all for the illegal "greater Israel" to finally come to fruition.

Israel has an interest in removing any rational actors in the region and replacing them with cave-men and lunatics who are too fragile to threaten them. Al-Qaeda thinks they are real tough guys, but they have never been a threat to Israel.

Everyone realizes now that the problem in Syria is definitely not a civil war or any type of Syrian uprising, this is all about stealing the Syrian land to create 'Greater Israel.' This is the reason why the US seemingly  re-pivoted out of the Middle East region into the Asian Pacific, because creating 'Greater Israel' is its main objective but it does not want to get caught red handed doing it.

Butheina Al-Nounou

More Arms Mean More Killing

The west strategy for Syria is definitely to fail. The crocodile tears shed by some western countries for the Syrian people are futile and hypocrite. Actually the Syrians would have been better, more secure and stable without the west pouring  oil into fire.  Western countries aim but at repeating their colonial past and greedy schemes as to extend hegemony, blunder and exploit the Syrian resources.

Syrian Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister. Dr. Faisal al-Mikdad has recently stressed that the West’s strategy will fail. In an interview with the Independent, Dr. al-Mikdad underscored that the US supplies  arms and money to armed thugs, groups, but it has  no control over these al-Qaeda affiliates and opposition groups, which, notwithstanding the US hectic bids  to unify them, are being more disintegrated.

Dr. al-Mikdad asserted that nobody can control the terrorist groups it is arming and nor will be able to get them to declare a ceasefire that would be central to Geneva II peace conference, which Syria is ready and willing to attend without preconditions.

The USA  and its allies are indeed mistaken if they were to think that by making the armed groups a bit stronger on the ground, they can force the government to give more concessions. They can only contribute to the killing of more Syrians. “I think they are stupid and absolutely mistaken, because more arms means more killing.” Dr. Mikdad added.

Syria is indeed confronting fundamentalist Wahabi Takfiris who represent as much of a long-term threat to the West as they do to Syria. The achieved on the ground by the Syrian hero Army, however, does send a clear message to the terrorists and their masters: "The Syrian army is coming for you.” 


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim