(Let us go, let's crush Taksim) Erdogan's supporters said

When Turkish PM Erdogan came back to Turkey, he was supposed to land at 9 pm but to gather more people to support him, his flight was delayed for 3 hours. Meanwhile, Ak Parti supporters, who were informed and invited to the greeting via SMS, were transported to the Atatürk Airport by government services. The PM of Turkey returned home after a five-day trip. His cabinet worked hard to gather a crowd of 20,000 at the airport. (Currently, there are 3.5 million protesting on the streets).

What I would like to draw attention to is the slogan that was chanted by the crowd during the speech:

"Let us go, let's crush Taksim". What is mainly annoying here is the attitude of the PM. He just stopped and let them repeat this for many times. Tayyip Erdoğan, who is obligated to ensure the unity of 76 million people, divides the country into two groups: 'us' and 'them'. He ended his speech with the following words "We're all going to go home from here, peacefully" is actually an allusion to his supporter's position. Thus he refers to his power on those people's opinions and actions, which is horrifying for the future of Turkey. He threatened his opposition before, and he still keeps on, he is calling for a civil war. 

Turkey is not a democratic country anymore, Turkey is a fascist dictatorship where media shows documentaries about animals while all the Gezi Park protests are going on just because these are protests against government. Turkey is a country where people are getting arrested just because they send tweets like "Police is using tear gas in here." Turkey is a country where police run over and kill protesters with armored police vehicle and poke protester's eyes with intentionally-aimed tear gas capsules.  Turkey is a country where PM says that "We can barely hold 50% of our population to stay in their homes."  Turkey is a country where PM says that we might destroy this university because the rector of that university said that "They can take make up exams without any excuse reports for this semester." all these info that I provided is true. Just check the appropriate twitter accounts and see the international news. I can give millions more examples. So nobody shouls say that "Turkey is a democratic country." or "Media is trying to provoke people and disturb the peace in Turkey." or else.

Erdogan gave a speech full of blatant lies that served no other purpose than provoking his supporters against the protesters. He has no concern for more than half of the country who did not vote for him. Turkish PM said the protesters killed a cop. Truth is, the cop fell off a bridge while chasing unarmed protesters. He said protesters burned a flag. Truth is, the flag burning video was from a kurdish protest back in 2010. He said that this was all to stop cutting less than 15 trees. This was the biggest lie. This is about freedom, democracy, and people who had enough of lies, when government (PM) calls his voter's for crime,  People call him as a crime  minister after that....

One of the young ladies wrote on twitter:

Important warning: a lawyer friend of mine working on the cases of the detained protesters just told me that even if you are a foreigner, and even if you are female, you will be beaten severely and then detained for at least 3 days, if you are lucky, then deported for sure if your embassy intervenes. 

The lawyer is Turkish, the one being deported is French journalism student at Galatasaray University. She was arrested taking photos near gumussuyu, beaten severely on the way to kumkapi detention center, that she now has no control over her bladder. Denied medical attention and beaten over and over again in detention for 3 days and wetting herself. Now being deported in the same clothes, she was arrested wearing, and stinking with her………

She is the only one being deported after 3 days in detention, because she's a girl. The other foreigners are still in detention waiting and according to the lawyer they all were beaten and facing charges of threatening national security.

A young man wrote:

Gumussuyu is a dangerous road. Too many barricades for people to prevent them from escaping tear gas quickly and people are in panick. There are also provocateurs throwing Molotov cocktails. Stay away unless you love tear gas or have a mask and goggles. Stay Safe Istanbul.

At last I say: The Syrian people are watching your democracy Erdogan.they will never  ever forgive you for what you did to our beloved country Syria. you are paying, and all who conspired against on our country will pay, sooner or later.

Butheina Alnounou

Majority of foreign fighters recently killed in Syria linked to Al Qaeda

For more than two years, the Syrians have been slaughtered by Al-Qaeda affiliates from more than 30 countries! These very terrorists are called by western media as ''rebels'' and their crimes are labeled by these media outlets as ''uprising''. ''revolution'' and so on so forth. These hired-killers terrorists are cannibals and their crimes have almost destroyed every thing Syrian; but not the Syrians' determination to cleanse Syria from every terrorist.

According to a recent report by Fox News, the majority of foreign fighters killed in Syria between July 2012 and May of this year were found to be fighting on behalf of a terrorist group that's a front for Al Qaeda in Iraq, according to a new independent report by a security consulting firm that specializes in counterterrorism; at least 280 foreign fighters were perished in that time period. Drawing on social media data, traditional media and internet platforms, the report called "Convoy of Martyrs in the Levant" by Flashpoint Global Partners concludes that the Syrian conflict is now drawing jihadiist fighters from the U.S., Chechnya, Kosovo, Egypt, Gaza, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

"..The lion's share of foreign fighters who are dying in Syria are fighting with the most hardline organization involved in the uprising: Jabhat al-Nusra,” the report said.;“The leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, Abu Mohammed al-Joulani, has recently publicly sworn allegiance to Al Qaeda leader Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri and the group has been blacklisted as a branch of Al Qaeda in Iraq by the United States government."

A lead investigator on the project, Aaron Zelin, the Richard Borrow fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told Fox News the emergence of foreign fighters is another sign that the Syrian conflict is spreading, with ramifications beyond the Middle East and North Africa. "The current conflict in Syria is in many respects similar to what we saw in Afghanistan in the 1980s,” he said. “Because not only is it viewed as a cause celebre for people within the Arab world but even western governments are backing the opposition so you see many westerners, especially from western Europe, going in."

According to Zelin, with estimates ranging from 500 to 800 Europeans now getting involved in Syria, the threat continues once these "foreign fighters return home" because they are now steeped in the Islamist ideology with new skills such as bomb making.

In April, Belgian authorities conducted a nation-wide sweep, arresting six men for an alleged jihadist recruitment drive for the Syrian opposition.

While the report acknowledges there are inherent difficulties "calculating statistics on a shadow army,"; investigators believe the number of Americans fighting for the Syrian opposition is much greater that the two well-documented cases. These are Eric Harroun, who is on trial in Virginia for fighting with Al Qaeda, and a 33-year-old Michigan woman, Nicole Lynn Mansfield, whose death was also confirmed.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Turkey's Sarin

Farhan Haq, spokesman for Deputy UN Secretary-General, has recently revealed that the videos handed over to the UN by some Russian journalists, showed that the "opposition fighters" used chemical weapons in their attacks against Syrians on March 19. Journalist Anastasia Popova (RTR) has confirmed already that toxic substances were used by the "opposition forces" in some attacks.

Meantime, Fares News Agency reported that "The chemical weapons used in the attack on Khan al-Assal area had been prepared by former Iraqi Military Industries Brigadier General Adnan al-Dulaimi and supplied to terrorists of the al-Nusra Front in Aleppo through Turkey's cooperation and via Antakya,"

"The 80mm mortar shells which landed in Khan al-Assal and killed dozens of people were armed with the latest product of Dulaimi's hidden laboratories sent to the al-Nusra Front members for testing," the source added.

UN human rights investigators also announced that they have testimony indicating that terrorists in Syria have used Sarin gas. Interviews with victims and doctors have provided "strong, concrete suspicions" that the terrorists used the deadly nerve agent, according to a lead investigator, who also stressed that there's no evidence that the Syrian military used Sarin.

"Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and; there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of Sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated," member of the UN independent commission of inquiry on Syria Carla Del Ponte said in an interview with Swiss-Italian television.

"This was used on the part of the opposition, the ''rebels'', not by the government authorities," she underscored.

''The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law.'' Del Ponte pointed out.

The chemical attack on Khan al-Assal came after a video footage posted on the internet late in January showed that the armed "militants" in Syria possessed canisters containing chemical substances. The foreign-sponsored "militants" had earlier released footage in which rabbits were killed by inhaling poisonous gas.

With this in mind, came the repeated statements and calls by Russian Foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, that Russia was waiting Turkey's government to present full details on arresting al-Nusra Front-affiliated Syrian gunmen carrying 2 kg cylinder of nerve agent Sarin. And to mention the frequent warnings by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson that the terrorist opposition groups and extremists might use chemical weapons to pave the way for foreign military intervention in Syria.

 “We would like to shed light on all these questions because the issue of chemical weapons has become a focus of speculation and provocation. I do not rule out that someone would like to use it to declare that a red line has been crossed and foreign intervention is needed,” the Russian foreign minister said, according to RIA Novosti.

Actually, media revelations about the involvement of Turkish military officers in Syria can't be totally disregarded. Turkish troops and pilots have been involved in pitched battles, alongside al-Nusra terrorist or mercenary corps, in the attempt to secure the Ming airfield near Aleppo.

According to Syrian military sources and Al-Watan Newspaper, Turkish ground troops and pilots are directly involved in pitched battles for the Ming airfield, North of the Syrian city Aleppo. The Turkish troops are, according to the Syrian military, fighting alongside terrorist mercenary corps of the al-Qaeda associated al-Nusrah, as well as other predominantly foreign mercenary corps from countries like Tunisia, Libya.

Journalists have repeatedly documented Turkish military officers' presence in Syria, distributing large weapons shipments among the terrorist or mercenary brigades.

Thus, Minister of Information, Omran al-Zou'bi's statements that the chemical weapons used by the terrorists in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo countryside have probably arrived from Turkey, should be thoroughly shed light on and analyzed. The missile which targeted Khan al-Assal was indeed launched from an area where terrorists exist, and which is not far from Turkish territory.

Unfortunately, the UN has turned down the Syrian official request to investigate the terrorists' use of chemicals in Khan al-Assal. Thus, the recent French and British  announcements regarding chemicals are suspicious and prove only that the game of falsifications and fabrications is to be on and on for some time to come, and is even to escalate with every failure and setback to al-Qaeda affiliates on the Syrian territories at the hands of the Syrian hero Army and People.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Congratulation to the Syrian people

I am very happy today, I can't express my feelings; we have won, yes we have won, our army is now in control of the strategic Qusair town, thanks to our brave army, to our martyrs, and cure to the injured.

I want to ask those who armed those terrorists, and wanted to arm more, if you arm your people not terrorists, what will happen to your country? you want to supply arm and kill more people in Syria. You and your bloody ideas, when are you going to arm them? but I am sure you will face your own writhe one day.

It is not a wise thing to give weapons to one brother when two brothers are fighting. I do not believe that Syria will be more democratic country, if those terrorists win,  but it will fall into the hands of religious fanatics whose ultimate aim is the ''Jihad''.

There weren't any terrorism in the world. But when the West and US realized that this part of middle east is fast growing economically because of its reserves of oil fields, they changed their strategy that none of these countries should have  peace, when there is no peace, no one can think about development for their country. Exactly that is what US & Europe have been working for.

USA and Europe have already been supporting Al-Qaeda  affiliated terrorists against the Syrian army through their stooges such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, and Turkey. However, all their  efforts in toppling the Syrian government have failed and any direct involvement will have devastating consequences for USA, Europe, and its middle east allies including Turkey.

Syrian armed forces have now taken the  upper hand over  the Salafi/Wahabi sponsored terrorists and soon will get rid of these terrorists of Al-Qaeda and its offshoots. USA and Europe have suffered a lot due to their wrong foreign policies, as has been witnessed on 9/11 attacks, and recently in Boston and London. USA and Europe basically are strengthening the terrorists, however, they have forgotten that those terrorists which were once groomed  and supported by USA did not spare them and soon the terrorists from Syria will spread to all parts of the world, and the bloodshed by these terrorists will be beyond the imagination of western hypocrites. By such acts, USA and Europe are inviting trouble for themselves  and their  partners across the globe.

America and Europe will support anybody, dictator, killer, mass murderer anybody, as long as the killers keep off American and European citizens, and as long as the dictatorial regimes benefit their businesses, and Israel.

Butheina Alnounou 

Oh, how the tables have been turned...

On May 28, 2013, a few dozen activists headed to Gezi Park in Istanbul’s Taksim Square to peacefully protest the destruction of one of the last green spaces in the center of Istanbul. At 5 am, police invaded the park and used unnecessarily violent tactics, including tear gas and pepper spray, to remove the men, women and children from the park. This unwarranted police brutality was the catalyst to what became the largest backlash to AKP and Erdogan’s authoritative rule in ten years.

Despite being majority Muslim, Turkey has had a long standing tradition of secularism since it was founded in 1923. However, in the recent years secular freedoms and the foundation set by Ataturk, have been under attack, in what some claim to be AKP’s Islamification of Turkey and general disregard of secular Turks.

The protest, which started in defiance of Erdogan selling the last green space to his contractor friends to build another shopping mall, has now become a nationwide protest of the whole country, and discover Erdogan’s Islamist agenda. And his link to brotherhood, who are themselves linked to Al-Qaeda. AKP is wildly unpopular, with great swaths of the urban population and these people feel that they are not being represented in government, and that they are being punished by the AKP’s religious agenda.

While the dissatisfied people in cities across Turkey are taking to the streets to vent their frustrations with the government. Erdogan and his cabinet members have made it clear that any political dissent, whether peaceful or not, would be met with police brutality, arrests and insults from the government.

In an attempt to quell the rebellion, government censors forbid any Turkish media outlet from broadcasting any news related to the protests until day five. During the height of the clashes CNN Turk, a major news outlet, was broadcasting a documentary on penguins. Turkish citizens counteracted the media blackout by taking to social media sites and the internet to make their voices heard. There were some reports that facebook and twitter, the sites where a majority of protest organization took place, had been blocked or access severely restricted. Private television channel, Kanal D’s Ankara Chief  Erhan  Karadag was one of the many taken into custody under trumped up charges of ‘supporting the demonstrators.’

Erdogan who for years now was speaking of democracy, and give his free advises to Arab world, and support terrorists against Syrian Government, because he wants freedom to Syrian people, silly man, for the second time, cut a poor figure, the first was, when he appeared on TV, insulting Perez the Zionist president, then we discovered that he is a closest friend to Israel.

AKP Member of Parliament Sirin Unal took to his twitter feed to comment on the riots saying that, “Apparently people (in Taksim) need to be gassed.” In his speech addressing the political unrest, Erdogan said that, “social media is a plague against society.” Equating the peaceful protesters to ‘terrorists’ and that the million people in Taksim Square represented ‘marginal groups’ or ‘alcoholics’ of society.

The water tanks and riot police have been removed from Taksim, and protesters have occupied the Square once more celebrating victory of a now six day long, violent struggle with police forces. They have brought garbage bags and have organized city clean ups to help repair that damage caused by the clashes. The protest, now a thousand times the original size has returned to a peaceful state, because there are rumors that the destruction of the city center's historical park has been cancelled. Although there is temporary stability, Erdogan has not backed down on his threats and grandiose, accusatorial language. Only time will tell if Erdogan and AKP will listen to the people or will they once again violently attack anyone who disagrees.

How can a Erdogan extol the virtues of a democratic society and peaceful protest, when he cannot provide those conditions to his own people? Turkey ranks as one of the most dangerous places for journalists and has the highest number of jailed journalists in the world. Apparently, Erdogan and AKP can’t handle the truth and are so egotistical they cannot listen to criticism. It’s time Erdogan and AKP stopped oppressing the Turkish people, stopped eroding the constitution and started embracing true democracy.

At last I say: Erdogan don't speak again about democracy anymore, no one will believe you,  All the protests in your country were peaceful, and you did what you did, so if you have terrorists killing and destroying your country, what you will do.

Butheina Alnounou