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More Arms Mean More Killing

The west strategy for Syria is definitely to fail. The crocodile tears shed by some western countries for the Syrian people are futile and hypocrite. Actually the Syrians would have been better, more secure and stable without the west pouring  oil into fire.  Western countries aim but at repeating their colonial past and greedy schemes as to extend hegemony, blunder and exploit the Syrian resources.

Syrian Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister. Dr. Faisal al-Mikdad has recently stressed that the West’s strategy will fail. In an interview with the Independent, Dr. al-Mikdad underscored that the US supplies  arms and money to armed thugs, groups, but it has  no control over these al-Qaeda affiliates and opposition groups, which, notwithstanding the US hectic bids  to unify them, are being more disintegrated.

Dr. al-Mikdad asserted that nobody can control the terrorist groups it is arming and nor will be able to get them to declare a ceasefire that would be central to Geneva II peace conference, which Syria is ready and willing to attend without preconditions.

The USA  and its allies are indeed mistaken if they were to think that by making the armed groups a bit stronger on the ground, they can force the government to give more concessions. They can only contribute to the killing of more Syrians. “I think they are stupid and absolutely mistaken, because more arms means more killing.” Dr. Mikdad added.

Syria is indeed confronting fundamentalist Wahabi Takfiris who represent as much of a long-term threat to the West as they do to Syria. The achieved on the ground by the Syrian hero Army, however, does send a clear message to the terrorists and their masters: "The Syrian army is coming for you.” 


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Chemical Weapons Pretext

Is president Obama setting the stage for a “humanitarian intervention” by casually accusing the Syrian government  of killing its own people? Asked Prof. Michel Chossudovsky in an interesting analysis by Global research.

A WMD (weapons of mass destruction) saga modeled on Iraq based on fabricated evidence is unfolding. The Western media in chorus relentlessly accuse the Syrian government of premeditated mass-murder, calling upon the “international community” to come to the rescue of the Syrian people.

The chemical weapons pretext is being used to justify further military aid to the terrorists, composed of the Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusrah– are supported by Turkey, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

US-NATO-Israel have lost the ground war. Their Al Nusrah Front fighters, which constitute the foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance, cannot, under any circumstances, be rapidly rebuilt through a renewed flow of US-NATO military aid.

The Obama administration is in an impasse: its foot soldiers have been defeated. A “no fly zone” would, at this stage, be a risky proposition given Syria’s air defense system, which includes the Russian S-300 SAM system, added Chossudovsky.

The chemical weapons accusations are fabricated. In a bitter irony, the evidence amply confirms that the chemical weapons are being used not by Syrian government forces but by the US supported Al Qaeda terrorists.

The Western media is feeding disinformation into the news chain, casually refuting its own news reports. Confirmed by various sources including CNN, the Western military alliance has not only made chemical weapons available to the Al Nusrah Front, it has also sent in military contractors and special forces to train the terrorists.

Chossudovsky cited the Syrian Foreign Ministry letter that “What raises concerns about this news circulated by the media is our serious fear that some of the countries backing terrorism and terrorists might provide the armed terrorist groups with chemical weapons and claim that it was the Syrian government that used the weapons,”

A United Nations independent commission of inquiry confirmed in May 2013 that the opposition rather than the government has chemical weapons in their possession and are using sarin nerve against the civilian population. The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law, said commission member Carla Del Ponte.  Earlier, Turkey’s state media agency Zaman, disclosed that the Turkish General Directorate of Security ceased 2 kg of sarin gas in the city of Adana in the possession of Al Nusra terrorists believed to have been heading for Syria.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Better Be Called “Friends of Terrorism”

Orders have been issued in Doha aiming at giving Syria’s enemies a green light to go further in supplying the armed terrorist groups in Syria with more sophisticated weapons allegedly to enhance “military balance”.

The meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” group, (better be called   “Friends of Terrorism”) who met on Saturday in Qatar, the site of the biggest American military base in the region, seemed in a hurry to announce their urgent military support for the “Syrian opposition” in a semi state of emergency to save the terrorists, particularly after the Syrian Arab Army had achieved great progress on ground and had had full control of the Syrian-Lebanese borders area following al-Qseir battle.

However, the American master seemed to keep a supervising role in this process by letting others implement the orders, without being involved in direct armament. Observers saw the American behavior as a US caution, because the United States knows where these weapons are going and expects that the American public opinion will one day question the US administration over who sent the weapon to al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria.

Blessed by three world powers, namely the U.S., Britain and France, who have been claiming that they are fighting terrorism, the Friends of Terrorism meeting decided in its communiqué to “urgently send all military equipments and support to the armed groups on ground and to what is called the “Free Army”, which comprises conflicting groups led by al-Qaeda-affiliated foreign mercenaries, in addition to bandits and outlaws of different nationalities employed to steal the Syrian people’s properties, kidnap citizens and terrorize civilians.

Qatar, the hosting Sheikhdom, has admitted that the conferees made “secret decisions” to coordinate military support for the “opposition”. The farce is that all the anti-Syria parties, who met in Doha, agreed that armament is the way to achieve peace and political solution in Syria. Hence, observers suggest that Washington must arm the Bahraini, Saudi and Qatari oppositions thus soon attaining a political settlement in these countries which have been witnessing a boiling state of complete refusal of the Oligarchic regimes which are based on family rule away from any kind of constitutions or laws.

The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius’s call for providing the armed groups with anti-Sarin gas medicine, provokes caution more than any other thing, because the chemical weapons game has not been over yet as there are serious attempts to revive it and use the issue as a pretext to interfere in the Syria and violate  the state’s sovereignty as in the Iraqi model.

Senior international officials, including Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov have warned against using the chemical weapons game to interfere in Syria and stressed that the United Nations’ attempts to avoid investigating the use of chemical weapons by the terrorists in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo, indicates a Western intention to delay the issue until evidence is lost or distorted. This was what actually happened, because in order to justify his decision to arm the terrorist groups, Obama has depended on the secret file to convince the Americans that there are chemical weapons being used by the Syrian state.

Incitement, as a lethal weapon in wars, wasn’t absent in the Doha meeting. The "Friends of Terrorism” seized the opportunity to release their sectarian poisons against “Iran and Hizbollah” by calling on these two parties to “ stop interfering in Syria’, without a slight reference to the thousands of terrorists coming from Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Tunisia, and European  countries to join the so-called “jihad” in Syria.

While the US State Secretary John Kerry was speaking in his final statement about “supporting the Syrian opposition”, the Spanish Foreign Minister announced from Madrid that a terrorist group recruiting al-Qaeda terrorists to send them to Syria via European countries across Turkey, was arrested. The group admitted it has so far transferred 50 terrorists to Syria. This is only an example from a powerful state where law has the upper hand, so what about those coming from Afghanistan, Libya and Tunisia, the countries which are experiencing unprecedented chaos.

The call by the "friends of terrorism" for controlling the Syrian-Iraqi borders and the Syrian-Lebanese borders seemed so ironic since they didn’t even mention anything about controlling Syria’s borders with Turkey and Jordan. It is obvious that they want these borders opened, because, according to reports, the biggest number of terrorists and the biggest quantity of weapons are actually those flowing into Syria across Turkey and Jordan.

Nevertheless, whether the friends of terrorism rushed to provide military support for the terrorists or not, the Syrian state, backed by its honest people and real friends, has chosen to go ahead with haunting terrorists everywhere in Syria, terminate terrorism, restore security to the country and rebuild the homeland on stronger bases.

 H. Mustafa

Arming Cannibals !

What a frenzy farce! The anti-Syria ewes, neighbors, and westerners want but to arm the Takfiri, wahabi cannibalistic terrorists in Syria! They talk about Geneva 2, and work on the killing of the Syrians. The more they talk about a peaceful settlement for the crisis, the more they send their dirty lethal and so-called no-lethal to the armed al-Qaeda affiliates, particularly to Jabhat Al-Nusra.

Jabhat Al-Nusra is Al-Qaeda affiliated group, as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad made it clear during his recent interview with the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. It is a terrorist group, well financed, with plenty of arms and Wahhabism. The logical questions raised by H.E. regarding such groups and their arming revolved about  the future consequences of arming the terrorists, which would but "perpetuate the destruction in Syria, forcing the Syrian people to pay an even heavier price" and would "have two consequences. First, Europe’s back garden will become a hub for terrorism and chaos, Second, terrorism will not stop here – it will spread to your countries".

Herein too come the exclamations raised by President Vladimir Putin of Russia: "One does not really need to support the people who not only kill their enemies, but open up their bodies, eat their intestines in front of the public and cameras," and "Are these the people you want to support? Are they the ones you want to supply with weapons? Then this probably has little relation to the humanitarian values preached in Europe for hundreds of years."

Actually, such perplexities and exclamations were expressed by other top officials including the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who underscored that arming the terrorists in Syria would be "disastrous because it would be tantamount to “pressing weapons into the hands of maniacs”, calling on the British government to stop seeing Syria as “an arena for muscle-flexing” and open its eyes to immediate dangers, such as effectively gearing up the Al-Qaeda. “This is the moment for a total ceasefire, an end to the madness… It is time for the US, Russia, the EU, Turkey, Iran, Saudi and all the players to convene an intergovernmental conference to try to halt the carnage. We can’t use Syria as an arena for geopolitical point-scoring or muscle-flexing, and we won’t get a ceasefire by pressing weapons into the hands of maniacs.”

Earlier, Alaska’s Ex-Gov. Sarah Palin said: “Until we have a commander in chief who knows what he is doing... let Allah sort it out!” From now on, therefore, every suicide bombing in Damascus- every war crime committed by the ''rebels''- will be regarded in the region as Washington's responsibility," as Robert Fisk realistically has recently written to the Independent on Sunday.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Morsi's speech is not important, but Egypt is important

It is indeed a global war waged against Syria by most of  Arab regimes, neighbors, and westerners! This merciless war has been targeting the essence of the Syrian civilization, fundamental foundations, pillars and components. The anti-Syrians are alternating their concerted and barbaric attacks against Syria under different  silly pretexts, but as to exploit, colonize and blackmail Syria. The latest blind measure of hatred and fratricide was taken by Egypt's petrodollar-backed and made president, Mohammad Morsi.

Morsi, facing popular uproar and rejection domestically, wanted to escape from his failures by playing dirty games against the Syrians. However, Egypt, under his rule is no more the Egypt of Arabism, Nasser, it is no more the 'mother of the globe. Morsi has turned his country- certainly not the great Egyptians- into a dwarf beggar!

Morsi, following the great achievements of the Syrian Army heroes on the ground, and at the orders of his masters in the Gulf, and west, decided to severe relations with the Syrian Arab Republic! What a stupid decision! None in the world can rescind the realities of geography, history, unity and  fraternity binding the Syrians and Egyptians in a prefabricated empty discourse of blasphemy.

Morsi, like the Saudi, Qatari, Us, Turkish and French officials, is annoyed because his own mushroomed and backed Takfiri and wahabi al-Qaeda affiliates are being purged in Syria by the steadfast Syrians. What a rude irresponsible president who dares to defy even his own people and calls for the more of shedding blood and foreign intervention in Syria. Morsi's silly discourse is a further verdict by a narrow-minded so-called sheik of sedition, darkness and ignorance.

 The Syrians, as Information Minister Omran Al-Zou'bi stated, did expect Morsi, the leader of Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt, to severe relations with Israel and close its embassy in Cairo. Indeed, "Morsi's speech is not important, but  Egypt is important."


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim