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Afforestation campaign in forests affected by fires in Masyaf in Hama countryside

At the initiative of the Syrian Trust for Development and with the participation of various NGOs and a number of volunteers, a massive afforestation campaign was implemented today in the mountain forests in Masyaf in Hama countryside to compensate for the losses resulting from the fires during the past year.

Lawyer Iyad Al-Fil from the Syrian Trust for Development said in a statement to SANA correspondent that this campaign is part of the "Our Land is a Trust" campaign launched late last year. He pointed out that the success of any initiative depends on the extent of interaction and participation of the civil society in it. As a result of the spontaneous and effective response of volunteers from various regions of the province in cooperation with government agencies the campaign has been successful .


Ahmed Pasha, head of Masyaf City Council, said that participation in these campaigns is a duty for all members of society to restore life to forests affected by fires and extreme  logging, indicating that the city council has provided all aspects of support for the success of the campaign, such as transport cars, picks, sterilization materials and masks.

Issa Wassouf, a member of the People's Assembly in Hama governorate participating in the campaign, noted that afforestation campaigns are continuing in various parts of the governorate, especially the affected forests. 

Mustafa Sheikh Ali, a member of the "Continuing" team, pointed out to proceed with planting the damaged forests until the restoration of the entire green cover.

Raed Bolous of the Syrian Association for Development Center in Suqaylabiyah referred to  coordination with the Municipality and various other associations to expand the campaign to plant the largest possible area of mountain forests in Masyaf.


Inas Abdulkareem