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Afforestation of 20 dunums in the Shumaria Mountains in the Mukhram area in Homs countryside

On January 11th , the Homs Agriculture Directorate carried out an afforestation campaign in the Al-Mukhram area in the eastern countryside of the governorate of Homs.

The Director of Agriculture, Eng. Muhammad Nazih Al-Rifai, said in that the afforestation campaign was carried out in an area of 20 dunums in the Wadi Zeidan site within the Shumaria Mountains in the Mukhram area.

Eng. Ziad Fandi, Head of the Forestry Department at the Agriculture Directorate, said that the campaign is part of the afforestation plan for the 2020-2021 season and aims to cultivate degraded areas, as the area has been sabotaged and cut off by terrorist groups.


Dr. Ahmed Shahoud, Chairman of the Veterinarian Syndicate in Homs, said that the Syndicate’s participation in the campaign aims at restoring the vegetation cover of the area to what it was before the events, in which it was subjected to extreme logging by terrorist gangs.

Yahya Al-Sakka, Chairman of the Farmers Union in Homs, said that the campaigns would continue until March to include the vegetation cover in the governorate.

Eng. Atab Awad, from the Homs Agriculture Directorate’s Rehabilitation and Training Department, emphasized the necessity of participation in these campaigns in order for the vegetation cover to return to what it was previously.


O. al-Mohammad