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The second Syrian Honey Festival kicks off in Al-Jalaa, Damascus

With the participation of 34 beekeepers from the public and private sectors, the activities of the second Syrian Honey Festival were launched on the grounds of the Al-Galaa Sports City in Damascus on January 17.

The Arab Beekeepers Union in Syria in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture organized the 5-day festival under the title “Honey ... Food, Medicine and Cure”.

The festival includes the products of the Syrian beekeepers that are quality-guaranteed and subject to analysis in addition to production requirements, wooden beehives, medical and food industries from the materials produced by bees.

The Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Eng. Muhammad Hassan Qatna, referred to the importance of the festival as it constitutes a step for the opening of an exhibition for Syrian bee products and contributes to encouraging breeders to return to establishing beehives again.

The Chairman of the Arab Beekeepers Union in Syria, Iyad Daaboul, stressed the union’s cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture to rebuild the bee sector and encourage breeders.

The Director of the Arab Beekeepers Union, Engineer FattouhJumaa, explained that the aim of the festival is to link the product to the consumer.

Jumaa said that what distinguishes the festival this year is the introduction of new things that serve the bee sector and inventions that benefit in developing beekeeping during the cold season.

A number of the participants in the exhibition expressed the importance of the festival, which introduces Syrian honey, its quality and types, in addition to allowing the exchange of experiences between the exhibitors.

The number of beehives in Syria currently stands at 350,000, and the current number is still less than the numbers that were available before the terrorist war, which at that time reached 600,000.

O. al-Mohammad