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New Nectar Species Cultivated during the Afforestation Campaign in the Northern Countryside of Lattakia

In commemoration of  the martyrs’ souls  who sacrificed their blood to water  their  motherland’s soil ,  “Ethar”  Charitable Society in cooperation  with the Syrian Beekeepers Association and the Agriculture Directorate in Lattakia  carried out on Saturday  an afforestation campaign in “Jabal Al Harra”  in Rabi’a district in the northern countryside of the governorate.

With the participation of more than 100  volunteers,  An area of one and a half hectares has been  cultivated  by about 600 different seedlings of carob and laurel trees, in addition to  new nectar species including  Robinia pseudoacacia , at the request of the Syrian Beekeepers Association.

Da’ad Al-Ajji, Head of  “Ethar”  Charitable Society , which takes care of  the wounded and provides aid to the families of the martyrs, explained to SANA  that that the  the society has an avid  interest in  the environmental aspect,  carrying out  afforestation campaigns and enriching the mountains with green cover  and  preserving the beauty of Syria.

She  stressed  that  carrying out the afforestation campaign in this site  specifically means the completion of the society’s  national tasks and to commemorate the martyrs who sacrificed their souls to defend their country . 


Agronomist  Rayan Mualla, Secretary of the Syrian Beekeepers Association and Head of the Bee and Silk Department  at the Directorate of Agriculture stressed the importance of adding nectarine flowers within afforestation campaigns, which has great benefits for bees in addition to an increase in honey production.

On his part Abdullah Eqdah , a member of the Arab Beekeepers Union  necessitated  investing in these sites by planting new  nectar species that bloom throughout the year such as Sidr or the Robinia , especially after the huge fires which hit these sites. 

A number of  volunteers at   “Ethar”  Charitable society  expressed their happiness for their participation in replanting the affected areas and returning  the entire green cover.

On their parts ,  the two participants Ezz Eddin  Qaddoun  and Issam N’uman, who were wounded in the war while defending  these areas,   said that they named  the trees after the

martyrs who watered  with their pure blood these  lands  in particular ,  calling   for naming “Jabal al-Harra”   after the mountain of martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army.

It is noteworthy that afforestation campaigns in Lattakia province  have not stopped since the beginning of November, with the participation of  various  NGOs and a number of volunteers  with the full support of the Agriculture Directorate there  which provided all the facilities and assistance. 

Rawaa Ghanam