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“ Time for Nature” Campaign in Lattakia on World Environment Day

“ We can’t be healthy in an unhealthy environment. It is in our own best interest to contribute intently and effectively to preserve the natural world as much as we can. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment to make this planet a wonderful place to live on ” Miss Rawan Al-Issa Head of the Environment club at the Peacemakers civil Society association in Lattakia province said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Every year the world celebrates  World Environment Day  on the 5th  of June - a day  dedicated to focusing efforts of the governments, businesses and citizens on pressing environmental issues.

The environment club at the Peace Makers civil society association has launched a campaign  on social media  under the world slogan  “ Time for nature” .

Al-Zaytuna Village ... A Charming Destination for Ecotourism Lovers

The village of Al-Zaytuna is an attractive  destination for ecotourism, due to its privileged location on a mountain hill, its fresh water, large valleys, and the beauty of its forests which are full of oak trees

Al-Zaytuna  is located within a forested area in  the western region of Hama Governorate with a population of 1500 people. It is about 800 meters above sea level and  affiliated to Wadi al-Oyoun district.

The village is famous for its fruitful trees that cover large areas of it, the most important of which are olives, as it derives its name from it, in addition to citrus, walnut, grape and fig trees.

Al-Zaytuna , which is 70 km away from the city of Hama, has a municipality serving five villages alongside al- Zaytuna, which are Ain Farraj, Ain al-Karam, Jebita, Kamiliyya, and Douir al-Mashayekh.

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Rehabilitation of palm tree nurseries affected by terrorism in Palmyra and its desert

Palmyra,(ST)- Agriculture Directorate in Homs began to rehabilitate nurseries of palm trees in Tadmour (Palmyra) and its Badiya (desert) after damage was caused to them over past years due to terrorist acts.
Speaking to SANA reporter, Director of palm trees nurseries Ahmad S’aoud Yousef pointed out to the measures taken to save the remaining palm trees cultivated in those nurseries .
He also pointed out to the need for rehabilitating of all the wells and irrigation networks which have been damaged due to terrorism for their function in providing water and irrigating.

Al-Ghouta spring -flowers in full bloom

Damascus countryside,(ST)- The rich Ghouta of Damascus goes back to its former era as the Syrian people knew it, a land of goodness, generosity and production, a land of everything beautiful.

Today, Ghouta regains its health and prestige after the return of the people to their homes and lands, which  terrorism had  obliged them to leave for years.

A dead minke whale found on Syria’s Banias shore

TARTOUS, (ST)- Fishermen in the Syrian coastal city of Tartous pulled  a dead minke whale near a deserted shore in al-Kharab area in Banias.

 Director of the Coastal Region Branch of the Fish Resources General Authority Alaa al-Sheikh Ahmad said in a statement to SANA on Tuesday that according to scientific references, the whale is classified as the “Northern Minke Whale”, pointing out that this kind of whale has not been observed previously on the shores of the Syrian Arab Republic. It is one of the species that lives in cold oceans, but it sometimes enters the Mediterranean basin, he clarified.

According to al-Sheikh Ahmad, the whale is 3,5 meters long, and it weighs 500 kg.