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A teenager designs robot from environmental damaged materials, turning his first dreams into reality

Dismantling battery-powered toys and turning them into amusement robots attract many young boys and quench their curiosity. However this was not the case for Abdul-Bari Al-Baidah who developed and refined his talent with science to accomplish at the age of sixteen a robot made of environmentally damaged-materials . The robot was designed on hydraulic energy and equipped with a device to move wheels, hands and head.

Abdul-Bari, who wants to become an electronic engineer, is now a first secondary student from Jadidat Artouz in Damascus countryside. His talent began to appear at the age of seven when he began inventing small cars with four or eight wheels and making them out of his toys by dismantling them. In the sixth grade, he began to invent small robots and failed in several attempts, but with determination, persistence, and learning from mistakes, he was able to achieve his dream.

From the combination of the environment damages and simple raw materials such as wood, iron, syringes and engines, Abdel Bari made a robot and designed it on hydraulic energy (the force of fluid pressure). It is equipped with a wire device to move the wheels, hands, elbows, fingers and head, and a USB port to charge its battery with 12 volt power. He noted that he needs a specific programming language to be added to it to make it perform certain movements.


“Nothing is impossible” is a phrase repeated by Abdel Bari and he knows its meaning well. He was displaced with his family after the terrorists attacked his home in Quneitra governorate and forced him and his family to leave the house and killed seven of its members. He said “these circumstances and the difficult financial situation did not prevent me from continuing to think about distinct ways to reach my goal, but rather pushed me to search for solutions and alternatives such as environmental damaged materials and others.”

His excellence in physics and mathematics helped him to innovate. Abdul Bari sees his success  as a step in the way of his dream to invent a large robot and own an exhibition of robots. His achievement is a message for every talented student to continue trying to reach success, expressing his thanks for the support of the family and the school to achieve the first step of this dream.

The grandfather of Abdel Nasser Al-Baida said that  their displacement from their area and renting a house made them have double financial burdens and prevented them from offering the adequate support for their son, the development of his abilities and the refinement of his talent that appeared on him since his childhood. He indicated that the honor his grandson received today from the Ministry of Education is an incentive to him to continue his inventions.

The excellence of Abdel Bari did not surprise his teachers, as he is known to them for his intelligence and advanced scientific level.


Inas Abdulkareem