A Syrian student wins first place in an international competition for artificial intelligence

In a new achievement for Syrian youth, Ammar Yasser Ali won first place in the artificial intelligence competition organized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States of America in cooperation with the US Space Agency "NASA" for creating a model to predict the values of the solar storm disturbance index that affects the Earth's gravitational field. 

The global competition was held via the Internet, and more than 622 participants from around the world competed in it .They sent models and proposals that would contribute to reaching better predictions that would enable them to deal with space navigation errors that are directly affected by the disturbances of the Earth's geomagnetic field. 

Ali is a 26-year-old graduate of the academic programs in the Excellence and Creativity Authority in the specialty of Mechatronic Engineering at Tishreen University.  

Ali is currently studying for a master’s degree in the College of Information Technology and Programming at a Russian University.  

Ali described the competition with the added value at various levels personally, scientifically and practically.

He said: “ The competition gave me the opportunity to test my abilities and harness the knowledge that I gained during my studies, beginning with the National Center for Excellence, then specializing in mechatronic engineering and finally doing a master’s in Russia.” 

Ali indicated that the use of artificial intelligence techniques is widely spread and has become a major tool that enters into all sectors and an integral part of daily life that contributes to providing innovative solutions to confront pressing societal challenges, dealing with environmental problems and creating a better future.

The coordinator of the Mechatronics Program for Excellence at Tishreen University, Dr. Iyad Hatem, stated that the competition is a kind of challenge that is posed on the Internet and allows researchers around the world to compete to present the best solution to the issue at hand. 

Hanan Saleh, the mother of Ammar and the Arabic language teacher, said that Ammar distinguished himself from his early years with a high level of intelligence, acumen and self-confidence, as he was able to solve mathematics and physics issues that exceeded his mental age

She added that Ali discovered later his passion for programming and technology sciences, noting that his enrollment in the National Center for Excellence contributed to refining his skills and developing his capabilities and determining his future options to pursue his studies and creativity in the field he loves.


O. al-Mohammad