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A Syrian engineer receives recognition (best foreign PhD student) at Iran University of Science and Technology

The architect, Mohamed Salah El-Din Shayah, has received a certificate of appreciation for winning the first place with the highest university average during his years of academic achievement, in addition to the comprehensive specialized examination at the doctoral stage as the best foreign student studying at the Iran University of Science and Technology.

Shayah stated that he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Aleppo in 2009 and obtained a master's degree in energy management in buildings in 2011 before traveling to complete his doctoral study in Iran.

Shayah said that the university recently honored him as the best foreign doctoral student there during a ceremony for outstanding students and he will continue his PhD until the year 2023.

Shayahpointed out the efforts made by the Syrian youth in scientific research and their determination to serve their country through the sciences and knowledge they acquired.

It is noteworthy that Eng. Shayyah was born in Aleppo in 1987 and worked as a lecturer at the Faculties of Architecture at the University of Aleppo and Al-Ittihad Private University, in addition to teaching at the Engineering Technical Institute at the University of Aleppo.

O. al-Mohammad