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Syrian-Iranian talks to strengthen relations in the field of higher education

 On December 19th, the Iranian Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology and head of the Student Affairs Organization, Dr. Hashem Dadashpour, met with the Syrian Ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Shafiq Dioub.

The two sides discussed the mechanisms for implementing the agreements and memoranda of understanding concluded during the recent visit of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to Tehran.


Ambassador Dioub pointed to the need to follow up and implement those agreements by forming an executive working group with the participation of representatives from the embassy and the Iranian Student Affairs Organization.

Dioub clarified that one of the priorities of the Syrian government and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is to strengthen scientific, technological and educational relations with Iran, as well as to enhance cooperation relations between the universities of the two countries.

 For his part, Dadashpour expressed his country's readiness to offer scholarships to outstanding and talented Syrian students in various academic disciplines.

Dadashpour stressed the necessity of implementing the agreements concluded between the two sides through vigorous follow-up to the concerned authorities and continuing the meetings.

O. al-Mohammad