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The Innovation and Invention Exhibition opens at Aleppo University

The third university innovation and invention exhibition, held by the Innovation and Technology Transfer Center, was opened on Wednesday at  the Central Library of the University of Aleppo with the participation of 22 projects.The scientific event  embodied the innovations and creativity  of university students in various fields including  electrical, mechanical, technical and informatics engineering.


The Rector of Aleppo University Dr. Maher Karaman stressed to SANA that the exhibition contributes to displaying students’ creativity and inventions and linking the university to the community, because the projects were displayed  in the presence of representatives of  the chambers of industry, commerce and agriculture to  benefit from them in the labor market.

Dr. Muhammad Sultan, Director of the  Innovation and Technology Transfer Center , told SANA  that the exhibition aims to present and document students’ innovations, link them to  the professional labor market and achieve economic marketing for them.

He pointed out that the 22 projects of the exhibition  will participate in the Al-Basel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention, in addition to the registration of patents for a number of inventors, the protection of their scientific innovations, and the adoption of innovative projects by the Chambers of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture with the aim of encouraging the young generation to think creatively.

Among the participants  was Eng. Wael Badawy who pointed out that he invented the smart Braille glove for the blind to help them read and send text messages and e-books and know the caller via the mobile phone by means of vibrating alerts, adding the gloves  includes a system that allows inferring roads and alerting them of obstacles they encounter through the use of ultrasound.

The two students, Abdul Karim Malkh and Majd Qiyas, said  that they had invented a 3D printer and smart glasses for the blind based on artificial intelligence AI.

Student, Mohammed El-Sayyed, from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, talked about his project, which is a device to roll fabrics, and its task is to cut, roll, stretch and fold the fabric in the dyestuffs and textile factories to shorten the time.