Syria wins 9 prizes in the International Mathematical Competition

Damascus (ST): Syria, represented by a student team from the Center for Applied Physics and Basic Sciences, won 9 medals in the international mathematics competition, which was held virtually in Germany, with the participation of 5,200 male and female students from 122 countries around the world.


From Syria, 9 students participated, all of whom were crowned with prizes, five of them silver and four bronze, according to the scientific supervisor of the Center for Applied Physics and Basic Sciences, Basil Sultan, who explained that the competition, which depends on scientific research in mathematics, was attended by 12 thousand students from 122 countries, of whom 5200 students qualified, including 9 Syrians.

He indicated that the aim of the participation is to prepare researchers to form scientific research teams and to direct outstanding students through them to move away from medicine and engineering and engage in mathematics, physics and chemistry to create a nucleus of Syrian researchers in the future.