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Barada: Damascus vital water source, sabotaged by terrorists!

Barada River is the main river crossing Damascus and watering its ancient Orchids. It flows out of Barada Lake, which is situated in the Zabadani Valley 30km north west of Damascus. The River is propped up by Al-Fijeh Water Spring as it enters Damascus, where it branches out into seven streams.

Lovely gardens in the city, green trees, charming colorful flowers, and a rich varity of fruits,all distinguish Damascus and its countryside, all due to Barada River.

Unfortunately, during the crisis in Syria, al- Fijeh spring, which props up Barada River was targeted by terrorists fighting the Syrian government. The terrorists controlled the area of al- Fijeh spring, which supplies the Syrian capital with 70% of its potable water. 

More than 5.5 million people were deprived of water between 2016 and, 2017, because of terrorist acts, targeting a vital sector of Syrians daily life, since water is the main factor for any living being.

Terrorist acts did not have mercy on anything, sabotaging the spring and destroying a large part of it, in addition to disrupting everything related to the infrastructure of pumping water to the capital, Damascus.

Terrorism deliberately targeted the facility and the building of the Fijeh Spring at the beginning of the crisis on Syria, which is considered to be the first source of potable water in Damascus and its surroundings.

Edited by: N.H.Kh