Go Green Syria Team in Lattakia Reactivates Internal Tourism Movement

"Syria is a world-famous tourist attraction. It has a rich and diverse nature as well as many different attractive destinations  where nature lovers have lots to see and do” the pharmacist Jaafar Harba Head of Go Green Syria Team in Lattakia province said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newespaper.

He pointed out that the team, which was established in Jableh in Lattakia  in 2017 by the approval of the Higher Committee for External Activities at the Syrian Arab Sport Federation, includes now 40 members from different Syrian provinces and of different age categories and specializations. Those members are divided into media, medical, exploration and documentation committees.

 Concerning the team’s goals and objectives, Mr. Harba underscored “ the team aims to encourage internal tourism, shed light on the most wonderful archeological and tourism sites in Syria, explore unknown archaeological sites in all the Syrian provinces and consolidate friendship and social relations among members of the Syrian community".

"Syria enjoys different kinds of terrains, including the sea, mountains, plains, woods where  the team carried out its sports activities such as hiking, walking, riding horses , camping, climbing the mountains as well as riding bikes”, Mr. Harba said.

He indicated that Go Green Syria in cooperation with  a number of civil society associations  have carried out different voluntary campaigns including afforestation and cleaning up in Lattakia city and the countryside with the aim of preserving nature and raising awareness about environment protection.

 "On Friday the team in cooperation with the Junior Chamber International( JCI)  carried out a voluntary environment activity on Al-Shkefat coast in Jableh city with the aim of protecting the sea  turtles during their reproduction period and keeping the coast clean” Mr. Harba added.

He underscored that Syria will remain the country of peace and stability, pointing out that the team toured a number of ancient sites, castles, fortresses and other beautiful scenery  which have been targeted by the terrorist groups in a number of provinces to distort and obliterate Syria’s heritage, archaeological sites and civilization.

Mr. Harba called on the ministry of tourism to adopt more measures to provide necessary   services in the tourist sites  which play a vital role in reactivating internal and foreign tourism, motivating local, Arab and foreign investors to carry out investment projects to support the national economy and providing job opportunities.

Interviewed by: Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by: Rawaa Ghanam