Syrian Community in Czech Republic Condemns Saturday's Terror Blasts in Homs

The Syrian community in Czech Republic has condemned the terror blasts that hit Homs city last Saturday, criticizing western politicians' silence towards terror acts in Syria.

It said in a statement released Monday that the Saturday's terror attacks in Homs city coincided with efforts being exerted in Geneva to reach solution to crisis in Syria. "This proves that sponsors of terrorism have not abandoned their illegal and immoral practices."

 The community's members criticized western politicians' silence towards these terror acts, asserting that this silence reflects political hypocrisy regarding human rights and international law and makes those politicians responsible for these crimes.

They expressed their heartfelt condolences to families of martyrs and wounded persons , reiterating their support for their homeland and the Syrian Arab army in confronting terrorism.

Saturday's terror blasts in Homs were also condemned by the Alomma Movement in Lebanon, which said during a meeting -chaired by its Secretary-General Sheikh Abdullah Jabri- that these terror attacks prove bankruptcy of terror groups on the ground after victories achieved by Syrian Arab army and resistance.

Last Saturday, six terrorist suicide bombers blew themselves up inside two security headquarters in city of Homs, killing 32 and wounding 24 others.

Head of Military Security branch in the city Brigadier General Hasan Daaboul was martyred in the terror blasts.

The Jabhat Fateh al-Sham [al-Nusra Front], which is blacklisted by the UN, claimed responsibility for the terror blasts in Homs city.

Basma Qaddour