Terror Blasts in Homs Show Brutality of Perpetrators- Syrian Students and Expats in Cuba

Syrian expats and students in Cuba have asserted that the terror blasts that hit Homs city last Saturday come within the framework of war being waged on Syria and reflect brutality of terrorist groups and their supporters.

They said in a statement released Tuesday that terrorist groups and their masters have pressed ahead with perpetrating such crimes when Syrian Arab army achieve major victory  over terrorists.

 "It was proven to terrorist groups and their masters that steadfastness of Syrian people and army foiled their plans," the statement said, stressing that such terrorist crimes will enhance Syrian people's support for their brave leadership and army to go ahead with fighting terrorism.

The expats and students offered condolences  to martyrs' families and wished wounded persons speedy recovery.

Yesterday, Syrian community in Czech Republic condemned the terror blasts and criticized western politicians' silence towards terror acts in Syria.

Last Saturday, six terrorist suicide bombers blew themselves inside two security headquarters in city of Homs, killing 32 and wounding 24 others.

Head of Military Security branch in the city Brigadier General Hasan Daaboul was martyred in the terror blasts.

The Jabhat Fateh al-Sham [al-Nusra Front], which is blacklisted by the UN, claimed responsibility for the terror blasts in Homs city.

Basma Qaddour