Syrian Students in Slovakia Stress March 8 Revolution Was ‘Tipping Point’ in Syria’s History

Syrian students in Slovakia asserted that March 8 Revolution was a ‘tipping point’ in the history of Syria and region and it was the start of comprehensive renaissance in all fields of life and in defending independence of national decision that meets Syrian people’s ambitions.

They said in a statement released on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of March Revolution that Syria is facing an aggression launched by the United States, Zionism and their allies and tools in the region because of its adherence to its  firm stances.

 “The goal of war being waged on Syria aims to destroy the country and the achievements on March Revolution,” the statement added, referring to the fact that military, political and media means besides arming, financing and training terrorists have been used in the terror war on the homeland.

The statement praised the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army and their support for their leadership, saying thank you to Russia, Iran and China for their support to the Syrian people.

Basma Qaddour