Italian Journalists and Doctors: Syria Facing Terrorism that Threatens Entire World

ROME, (ST)- The Syrian community in Italy on Tuesday held a conference in which Italian journalists and academics as well as community members took part. The conference was held under the slogan (Syria: Past, Present and Future)

Italian surgeon Fabio Abenavoli said in a statement at the conference that reports by western media outlets, particularly the Italian ones don't reflect the reality of what is going on in Syria, namely the terrorism currently targeting all the Syrians.

He added that he visited Syria twice during which he felt the civilized nature of the Syrian people and knew about the suffering of the Syrians because of terrorism and the western economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and that affected all sectors in Syria, particularly health.

 Alberto Nijeri), an Italian journalist, told the conferees that what is going in Syria, like in other countries of the region, is part of the colonialist US policies which serve the Zionist scheme in the region, reiterating that Syria has strongly resisted these policies and managed to foil them.

Italian Journalist (Sepastiano Kabuto), on his part, talked about the disinformation practiced by Italian, western and some Arab media outlets regarding the situation in Syria, explaining that Syria is facing terrorism that has become a serious threat to the entire world.

(Anonsiata Rossu), a professor at Mashirata Academy, warned against the danger of terrorist thinking and its role in disseminating extremism and terrorism in the world. She cautioned against the role being played by Saudi Arabia in promoting terrorist mentality among youths.

Father Mtanious Haddad, from the Santa Maria in Cosmedin Church, said in his speech that Syria has been an example of amity, fraternity and peace, noting that targeting this country and displacing its people serve the colonialist Zionist schemes.

Eng. Mahmoud Srour, from the Syrian community in Italy, explained to the conferees the terrorist war that have been targeting the Syrian people, land, civilization and resources for more than six years, stressing that the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the heroism of the Syrian Arab army have resulted in major victories over terrorists and their supporters.

A statement on behalf of the Syrian community thanked the participating Italian friends and called for conveying the truth about what is really going on Syria.  

A photography exhibition by Italian photographer (Gorgio Pianki)  on the situation in Syria under the terrorist war was held on the sideline of conference.    

Hamda Mustafa