Sunday’s Terror Blast in Damascus is Shame on International Community- Syrian Students in Slovakia, Austria

Syrian students in Slovakia have described the coward terror blast that took place Sunday in Damascus as a ‘heinous example’ of extremist Takfiri terrorism and its supporters, who disrespect all international laws and moral values.

They said in a statement released Monday that the terror blast is a shame on the international community and it will not dissuade Syrian people, army and leadership from going ahead with fighting armed terrorist groups nationwide.

 “The global terror war that has been waged on Syria for more than six years aims to destroy the country that supports resistance against Israeli occupation,” the students said in the statement, asserting their readiness to enhance homeland’s steadfastness till the achievement of victory over terrorism and its supporters.

Another statement condemning the terror blast was released by Syrian students and community in Austria.

"The Wahhabi Takfiri crime targets Syrian state and its institutions in order to serve the US-Zionist plots with the support of Gulf sheikhdoms and Turkish regime," the students and community said.

Meantime, the 'Hands Off Syria' Initiative denounced the shameful Arab and international silence towards terrorist groups' brutal crimes against Syrian people.  

It called for holding criminals and their masters accountable, expressing their solidarity with Syrian army and leadership till restoration of stability and peace to Syria.

Yesterday, competent authorities persuaded 3 car bombs and destroyed 2 of them at Airport road in Damascus, while the third car bomb was surrounded in Bab Touma area where the suicide bomber driving the car detonated it, killing and injuring a number of civilians.

Since 2011, a foreign-backed terror war has been waged against Syria targeting its army, people, civilization and infrastructures in accordance with US-Zionist plot that aims to fragment the region and to have hegemony over its wealth. 

Basma Qaddour