Syrian Students, Communities in Europe Express Their Pride in Syrian Arab Army

Branches of the Syrian Students National Union (SSNU) in Slovakia, Germany, France, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic have organized protests to condemn crimes being perpetrated by terrorist groups and their supporters in Syria.

The protests were organized under the banner the “Syrian Day of Rage”, according to the Syrian Arab news Agency (SANA).

The agency reported Saturday that the Syrian students and communities’ members, who participated in the protests, expressed their solidarity with their homeland in confronting terrorism.

 The protesters condemned crimes being perpetrated by terrorist organizations and their supporters, mainly western hegemony forces and Gulf sheikhdoms and the Turkish regime. They also raised banners expressing their pride in Syrian Arab army’s victories over terrorists. 

Meanwhile, Syrian students and community in Slovakia plus some members of the Slovakian Communist and Socialist Youth parties released a statement denouncing conspiracy hatched by some western countries and Gulf states against their homeland.

“Political solution is the only way to end the crisis in Syria,” Head of the SSNU’s Slovakia branch Ali As’ad said in a speech he gave during the protest, praising stances of Syria’s allies, particularly Russia, Iran, China and Lebanese National Resistance.

Since 2011, a foreign-backed terror war has been waged against Syria targeting its army, people, civilization and infrastructures in accordance with US-Zionist plot that aims to fragment the region and to have hegemony over its wealth.

Basma Qaddour