Syrian Community in Canada: Golan Will Continue to Be a Syrian Land

TORONTO, (ST)- Members o the Syrian Community in Canada gathered in front of the American Consulate in Tornoto to protest against US President Donald Trump's declaration on recognizing Israel's "sovereignty" over the occupied Syrian Golan.

The rally was organized by the Syrian community in cooperation with Canadian organizations that advocate peace and reject Canada's joining of NATO.

 Protestors expressed their condemnation of Trump's aggressive declaration, stressing that Golan will always be a Syrian land.

Syrian expatriate Yousef Farha said that Golan is an occupied Syrian Arab land, calling for joining efforts to confront the American aggression as well as the Zionist and Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands.

He reiterated that Golan will return to Syria despite all imperialist and Zionist schemes.



Representatives of Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War and the Canadian Peace and Solidarity Movement took part in the protest.

Hamda Mustafa