150 Syrian expatriates from Venezuela at the Damascus International Fair

About 150 Syrian expatriates from Venezuela and their families visited the Damascus International Fair in its sixty-first session and reviewed its activities and participating pavilions.

The delegation expressed appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, stressing that they are the soldiers of the homeland in the expatriate and will continue to defend it and participate in its construction.


Shafiq Abboud, vice president of the Syrian-Venezuelan Friendship Association, stressed the importance of the delegation's visit to the International Damascus Fair noticing the large presence of countries and companies that participate in its activities.

This confirms Syria's recovery and restoration, pointing out that the association seeks to strengthen communication between expatriates and their motherland and to have an active role in the reconstruction process.

In her turn, Dr. Hema Kerbaj expressed her happiness with the great participation of countries, noting that there are good efforts exerted in the organization and coordination to make the Fair looks brilliant and successful.

Sareeda Tawfiq invited the expatriates to visit the Fair, which reflects the Syria' beautiful various civilizations and the goodness of its people. Meanwhile, Shaheen Khadr expressed his happiness to visit his homeland after more than thirteen years, he stressed that the Syrian and Venezuelan people stand in the same trench and face the same enemy.