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Syrians in Cuba commemorate the October Liberation War

Havana, (ST)- The  Syrian  Embassy in Cuba in cooperation with the Cuban branch of the National Union of Syrian Students and members of the Syrian community commemorated the 46th anniversary of the glorious October of  Liberation.

Participants stressed during the event, held at the Syrian housing residence in the capital Havana, that the October Liberation War was a turning point in our nation history where it moved from the time of defeats to the time of victories, praising the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in its war on terrorism and its supporters.

The National Union of Syrian Expatriates in Sweden and Europe celebrates the Syrian Cultural Day

Stockholm, (ST)- The National Union of Syrian Expatriates in Sweden and Europe held a celebration in the Swedish capital Stockholm on the occasion of the Syrian Cultural Day. It also marked the second anniversary of the Union founding.

The President of the National Union of Syrian Expatriates in Sweden and Europe, Dr. Kabi Isho, stressed the importance of the occasion to all Syrian expatriates, pointing out the various activities of the Union through its participation in all national events, including the participation of a trade delegation in the 61st Damascus International Fair. The Union also participated in the "Basmat Amal" ceremony to honor orphans in Damascus.

The first expatriate festival kicks off in Safita today

The first expatriate festival kicks off today in Safita city, Tartus governorate, under the title (Syria will remain.. the start and the end).

The three-day festival includes various scientific, medical, cultural, literary, heritage and artistic activities, as well as a pavilion for tourism and investment projects and an exhibition of local agricultural products.

The province has taken all the necessary preparations for the success of this festival, which is held for the first time in the city of Safita, the Secretary General of Tartus Governorate and Chairman of the media committee organizing the festival Haidar Merhej explained in a statement to SANA reporter.

Merhej underlined the importance of the festival in re-engaging people of the region who are spread overseas with their families and relatives and in showcasing the important archaeological and tourist attractions of this area.

Syrian Greeting from South Africa:

Interview with Head of Syrian Expatriates League in South Africa Dr. Mohamed Omar El Adel

(ST_) Syriatimes has conducted an online interview with Dr. Mohamed Omar El Adel, President of the Syrian Expatriates League in South Africa, who gave us a brief overview of the League, the Board of trustee and the members. “The League was founded in April 2017 with the vigor of the Syrian community in South Africa and the encouragement and determination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Syria, along with the support and follow-up of those in charge at our embassy in Pretoria.” Dr. Mohamed Omar El Adel explained. 

“I have been elected unanimously to represent the Syrian Expatriates League in South Africa. It is certainly an Honor to be first president of the League.”  Dr. Mohamed Omar El Adel proudly affirmed.

Concerning the League objectives and working plans, Dr. Mohamed Omar El Adel explained: “I urge Syrians here to mingle and get introduced to each other; and to communicate and get in touch with their country’s embassy.  I personally try to provide all possible services, advice and guidance to be a founding pillar of the League.”

He also pointed out that despite the League’s independent decisions and orientations; it remains cohesive in its love and support of the homeland Syria.

150 Syrian expatriates from Venezuela at the Damascus International Fair

About 150 Syrian expatriates from Venezuela and their families visited the Damascus International Fair in its sixty-first session and reviewed its activities and participating pavilions.

The delegation expressed appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, stressing that they are the soldiers of the homeland in the expatriate and will continue to defend it and participate in its construction.