Syrian students in Egypt renew their support for their homeland in confronting challanges

Syrian students in Egypt have asserted their support for Syrian people and army in confronting the challanges that face the liberation of Syrian territories from terrorism and occupation. 
 On the occassion of the 70th anniversary of the Syrian Arab Student,  the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in Egypt reiterated its solidarity with the homeland and its adherence to its firm principles that meet the aspirations of Syrian people to liberate every inch of Syria from terrorism. 

Syrian students and community in Cuba: Syria will achieve victory in its war on terrorism

The Syrian students studying in Cuba and members of the community there renewed their support for their motherland, Syria, in the face of the aggression and the fierce terrorist war that was imposed on it and that aimed to divert it from the path of confronting the Zionist enemy.

In a statement marking the 75th anniversary of the 8th of March revolution, students and community members stressed that the Syrian Arab Army is able to confront the projects of domination and colonialism and to fight and eliminate the forces of extremism and terrorism.

 They expressed their confidence and their full belief in Syria's victory over terrorism thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army.

The statement pointed out that Syria has been able during the past decades to confront and thwart  the plans of the enemies, and today it is following the march of victory with full force and determination.

Inas Abdulkareem

Syrian students in Egypt condemn the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories

CAIRO, (ST)- Syrian students in Egypt have condemned in the strongest terms the Turkish regime's support for terrorist organizations in Syria and its barbaric aggression on Syrian territories that constitutes a flagrant violation of all international laws and conventions.

"We call on the international community with all its institutions to adopt deterrent procedures against the systematic attacks of the Turkish regime and its terrorist tools which are disseminating chaos and extremism wherever they are," the students said in a statement issued by the Students' Unions in Egypt.

The statement reiterated Syria's legitimate right to defend its territorial integrity and liberate the Syrian soil from aggressors and terrorists by all possible means.

Syrian community in Germany organizes a solidarity meeting with the Syrian Arab Army

 On March1, the Syrian community in Germany organized a solidarity meeting with the Syrian Arab army who is fighting the most honorable battles in the war on terror until the liberation of the last inch of Syrian land.

A number of representatives of organizations stressed the importance of the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in the face of terrorism and defending the right of the Syrians to live in their homeland in peace, security and sovereignty.

In turn, the Chargé d'Affairs at the Syrian Embassy Dr. Bashar Al-Asad drew attention to the solidarity of the Syrian community in Germany and its standing with the Syrian Arab Army in its war against terrorism.

Syrian students abroad can play key role in Syria’s reconstruction process: NUSS Chairman

PRAGUE, (ST)- Chairman of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) Ammar Sa’ati highlighted the important role that can played by the Syrian students abroad in reconstructing what terrorism has destroyed in Syria.

Sa’ati’s remarks came during a meeting with the Syrian students in the Czech capital Prague held within the framework of the current preparations for holding the 15th conference of NUSS scheduled to be held in March to discuss key students issues.

The NUSS’s chairman talked about the victories achieved by the Syrian army over terrorism in Aleppo, saying that these gains carry political, military and economic meanings that smashed the dreams of the Turkish regime which continues to support terrorists in the north of Syria.