Syrian community in Hungary condemns the crimes of the American and Turkish occupation

 The Syrian community in Hungary today underlined their commitment to stand by their homeland in the war on terrorism and in facing conspiracies and challenges.

 In a statement on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the Correctionist Movement, members of the community said that “the events that Syria has gone through underline the importance of adhering to the correctionist movement's choice, working to develop and modernize the society, addressing gaps, overcoming difficulties and keeping on the process of correction and modernization in accordance with a clear methodology.

The statement stressed on adopting a scientific thought to get out of the crisis through the national dialogue among the people of Syria.

Syrian students studying in Cuba: The memory of the Correctionist Movement strengthens confidence in Syria's victory over terrorism

On November 17, the Syrian students studying in Cuba said that the memory of the Correctionist Movement enhances confidence in Syria's inevitable victory over the terrorist war.

“The countries conspiring against Syria from the imperialist regimes and their allies in the region have not stopped their conspiracy against our country since the establishment of the Correctionist Movement,” the students said in a statement issued on this occasion.

Chilean writer of Syrian origin to ST: Syrian expatriates played active role in political, cultural and economic life of Chile

Dr. Pablo Sapag is a Chilean writer of Syrian origin.  His family immigrated to Chile early the 20th century. Now, he is an associate Professor at Complutense University of Madrid and a lecturer in UK and Greek universities.

Syria Times conducted an online interview with Dr. Pablo to know more about the Syrian expatriates in Chile: their number, their situation, their contributions to the Chilean society and their role in boosting relations between Syria and Chile and in explaining the real situation in Syria during the crisis.

Here is the full text of the Syria Times interview with Dr. Pablo Sapag:

The Syrian Embassy in Havana commemorated the Syrian Caribbean Day

The Syrian Embassy in the Republic of Cuba held an event entitled "Syrian Caribbean Day" during which it presented a documentary film showcasing the true face of Syria and its civilization.

The film reviewed the state of harmony among the spectrums of Syrian society and their common civilization and what Syria has provided to humanity in all walks of life.

The film also pointed to the failure of the conspiracy and terrorist war against Syria for more than eight years in dissuading  it from continuing its civilisational role and fighting terrorism thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian army.

Syrians in Cuba commemorate the October Liberation War

Havana, (ST)- The  Syrian  Embassy in Cuba in cooperation with the Cuban branch of the National Union of Syrian Students and members of the Syrian community commemorated the 46th anniversary of the glorious October of  Liberation.

Participants stressed during the event, held at the Syrian housing residence in the capital Havana, that the October Liberation War was a turning point in our nation history where it moved from the time of defeats to the time of victories, praising the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in its war on terrorism and its supporters.