Syrian Students in Slovakia Stress March 8 Revolution Was ‘Tipping Point’ in Syria’s History

Syrian students in Slovakia asserted that March 8 Revolution was a ‘tipping point’ in the history of Syria and region and it was the start of comprehensive renaissance in all fields of life and in defending independence of national decision that meets Syrian people’s ambitions.

They said in a statement released on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of March Revolution that Syria is facing an aggression launched by the United States, Zionism and their allies and tools in the region because of its adherence to its  firm stances.

Syrian Students in Czech Republic Denounce International Silence towards Terror Blasts in Homs

Syrian students in the Czech Republic have affirmed that international silence towards terror blasts that hit Homs city last Saturday reflects hatred of terrorist organizations and their supporters and the hypocrisy of the West which pretends that it is keen on international peace and security.

They said in a statement issued Wednesday that hatred indicates bankruptcy of terrorist organizations and their supporters in the light of painful blows they have received from the Syrian Arab army.

Terror Blasts in Homs Show Brutality of Perpetrators- Syrian Students and Expats in Cuba

Syrian expats and students in Cuba have asserted that the terror blasts that hit Homs city last Saturday come within the framework of war being waged on Syria and reflect brutality of terrorist groups and their supporters.

They said in a statement released Tuesday that terrorist groups and their masters have pressed ahead with perpetrating such crimes when Syrian Arab army achieve major victory  over terrorists.

Syrian Community in Czech Republic Condemns Saturday's Terror Blasts in Homs

The Syrian community in Czech Republic has condemned the terror blasts that hit Homs city last Saturday, criticizing western politicians' silence towards terror acts in Syria.

It said in a statement released Monday that the Saturday's terror attacks in Homs city coincided with efforts being exerted in Geneva to reach solution to crisis in Syria. "This proves that sponsors of terrorism have not abandoned their illegal and immoral practices."

Czech rally voices solidarity with Syrian people

The national rally against fascism in Morava and Zelivsko cities in Czech Republic has expressed its solidary with the Syrian people in their struggle against terrorist organizations and their supporters.

The rally's Head Dr. Yoziv Liska told the Syrian Arab News Agency's correspondent in Prague that Syrian Arab army's victory in Aleppo was a painful blow to terrorist forces and their supporters.

 "This victory put Syria on the road of political solution that preserves its unity and sovereignty," he added, asserting that all free persons in the world are closely watching bravery and steadfastness of Syrian people in confronting the war waged on Syria.

Since 2011, a foreign-backed terror war has been waged on Syria targeting its people, army, civilization and infrastructures in accordance with the US-Zionist plot that aims to fragment the region and to have hegemony over its wealth.

Basma Qaddour