On IWD, Syrian Women in Occupied Golan Condemn World's Silence over Their Suffering under Zionist Occupation

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Marking International Women's Day (IWD), Women of the occupied Syrian Golan issued a statement condemning the world's silence over the suffering of Syrian women in all occupied Syrian Golan's villages, mainly Majdal Shams, Baq'ata, Mas'deh and Ein Qinieh, caused by the Israeli occupation's inhuman and oppressive practices against them.

Women in the occupied Syrian Golan have been an example for other women to follow in terms of steadfastness, adherence to the homeland and struggle against  the Israeli occupation.

 The statement expressed Golan women's greetings to the bereaved and patient mothers of the martyrs and wounded persons who sacrificed to protect the homeland against foreign-backed terrorism.

"We greatly appreciate your limitless giving, your patience, steadfastness and loyalty to the homeland. You have endured the ugliest kinds of crimes by foreign-backed terrorists during the ongoing war on our beloved Syria," the statement said addressing mothers of Syrian martyrs.

It added that "over the past 50 years, women in Golan have lived under the tyranny and oppression of the Zionist occupation. They kept steadfast in the face of the occupation's judaization plans and arbitrary practices against their husbands, brothers and sons who were arrested and put in jails without trials."

According to the statement, women of the occupied Syrian Golan called on international law and humanitarian organizations to put pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities as to release all the Syrian prisoners and detainees, with dean of the Syrian and Arab prisoners Sidqi al-Maqt being on the top of the list.

Al-Maqt has spent 31 years in the Israeli occupation jails for his resisting stances.

In addition, the statement went on to say, most women in occupied Syrian Golan are prevented from visiting their families and relatives in the motherland, Syria, but they stress that the state of oppression, deprivation and daily suffering because of the dispersion of family members between the two sides of ceasefire in the occupied Golan will strengthen their determination and enhance their  hope that victory will be achieved and the Golan will be liberated soon.

The statement greeted the heroes of the Syrian Arab army and supporting forces, the steadfast Syrian people and the wise leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Hamda Mustafa