People of Occupied Syrian Golan Challenge Zionist Coercive Measures, Burn Israeli "Election Cards"

QUNEITRA, (ST)- People of the occupied Syrian Golan on Friday staged a sit-in at Majdal Shams Square and burnt the Israeli "election cards" distributed to them by the Israeli occupation authorities to vote in the so-called "Local Councils Elections".   

The sit-inners raised the Syrian flag and placards on which phrases expressing rejection to the Israeli occupation's judaization policies were written.   

The incident is reminiscent to the honorable stance of the Golan people 36 years ago when they announced their General open strike, burnt the identity cards imposed on them by the Israeli occupation authorities in 1982 and expelled the then Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Perez.

 The sit-inners renewed their refusal to participate in the so-called "Local Councils elections" being one of the occupation's oppressive and coercive practices. They reiterated their belongingness to their motherland, Syria and expressed their confidence that occupation is destined to end whatever time it may takes.

The sit-in will continue till the end of this month, the day when the alleged elections are scheduled to be held.

Liberated captive Bisher al-Maqet said in a statement during the sit-in that all the procedures adopted by the occupation authorities are null and void and of no legal value as they are issued by an occupation authority and they contradict Geneva convention on protecting civilians under occupation.

He said this popular event, will continue in the villages of Majdal Shams, Mas'da, Baq'ata and Ein Qinieh over the coming days, calling on international organizations to interfere and take deterrent measures against the occupation authorities and put an end to their judaization and racist practices.

Emil Masoud, a participant, stressed that the people of Golan will never accept any racial Israeli procedures that would harm the identity of the Syrian Arab Golan, pointing out that Golan will continue to be a Syrian territory against the will of the occupation and its supporters.  

Hamda Mustafa