The National Folklore magazine celebrates the Golan heritage and arts in its new issue

Damascus,(ST)- The folklore magazine devoted its sixteenth issue to folklore in the occupied Syrian Golan in its various fields and arts, in addition to talking about the resistance of its citizens their heroism and their adherence to their roots Syria.

The Ministry of Culture indicated that documenting the Golan’s heritage is a national duty that the Ministry promotes as a civilized part of its mission in the construction of an educated national person, while the editor-in-chief, Dr. Thaer Zain Al-Din, explained in his article that was entitled “A kiss on the forehead of our people in the Golan” that the popular heritage of the Golan is  amongst the richest heritage in the world, stressing the need to preserve it from loss and attempts to obliterate and falsify it.

The issue also included collections of articles, studies and research on the Golan and its rich folklore, including “Folk Tales in the Golan” by Awad Al-Ahmad and “Glimpses of Folklore in the Northern Golan” by Hamed Al-Halabi. Farah Kassibati Shahrour wrote about “The Golan Heritage Food” while Ali Al-Aqbani’s research came under the title “The Golan.. History and resistance ".. Fashion, housing and villages. In addition to an article “From the villages of the Golan Aen Fit” by Ghassan Al-Sayed.

Ahlam Al-Turk, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, explained in her article entitled “The Golan, the Heartbeat” that when we talk about the occupied Golan, we must mention the weddings of Golan when the bride moves from the motherland Syria to the occupied Golan

The "Issue 16" of the Folklore Magazine, with its researches, is a clear indication of the adherence of our people in the Golan to all cultural practices, their Syrian identity, and their ancient cultural heritage.


Haifaa Mafalni