The Long Years of Captivity in Israeli Jails Could not Undermine Al-Maqt’s Will, Challenge and Determination

The Released Syrian captive Sedqi Suleiman al-Maqt :

Born in Majdal Shams in  the occupied Syrian  Golan  on  April the 17th , 1967.

-Arrested on August  the 23rd ,  1985 and sentenced to 27 years imprisonment.

- The occupation forces released  al-Maqt in August 2012 after 27 years in the occupation prisons.

-The occupation forces  re-arrested him on February  the 25th , 2015, because he  was accused  of documenting the Israeli occupation forces cooperation with Jabhat- al-Nusra terrorists.

-  On May  the 16th in  2017, the occupation authorities issued a 14-year imprisonment  sentence against al-Maqt  after his trial was postponed dozens of times and prevented his family  from attending any  of the trial sessions.

Earlier, the released Syrian captives from the Israeli occupation’s jails had  stressed continuous resistance and struggle against the brutal aggression of the Israeli occupation until the occupied Syrian Golan is liberated.

In a message from inside his prison in Negev in the occupied Palestinian territories , al-Maqt had previously rejected his release under the Israeli occupation’s condition of deportation from the occupied Syrian Golan and his hometown Majdal Shams , stressing his belonging to his homeland Syria and adherence to the Syrian Arab identity.

The long years of captivity in the prisons of the Israeli occupation and all of the Israeli authorities practices couldn’t undermine Sedqi al-Maqt’s will and determination .

A massive popular reception was held on Friday in Baqatha town in the occupied Syrian Golan upon the arrival of the released Sedqi al- Maqt following a 32 year of detention.

The released Syrian captive al-Maqt greeted president Bashaar al-Assad and the Syrian people , stressing as he was released without any conditions, the occupied Syrian Golan will be liberated also.

Al-Maqat said that now I have been freed with the captive Amal Abu Saleh and tomorrow, the Golan will be liberated from the occupation and President Bashar al-Assad will raise the Syrian flag in every square of the Golan.

 He stressed that the Syrian will has triumphed over the will of the occupier, saying that our presence here in the occupied Golan and the raised Syrian flag indicate that this achievement was a purely Syrian one.

Al-Maqt’s father confirmed that the released Syrian captive’s liberation is dedicated to president Bashaar al-Assad, the steadfast Syrian people and the heroic Syrian Arab Army, stressing that the prisoners are the living martyrs who preserve the nation’s memory and write its history .

The committee for supporting Syrian Released and Detained captives in Israeli jails underlined in its statement that the long years of detention have strengthened al-Maqt and his companions and enhanced their determination.

The citizens of Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan affirmed that the release of the Dean of the Syrian captive in Israeli jail Sedqi al-Maqt is a victory of will and steadfastness and life over Zionist arrogance and a completion of the Syrian Arab Army’s victories against terrorism in the battlefields along the Syrian lands.

 They renewed their pledge  to restore and liberate every inch of the occupied Syrian Golan and its return to the Syrian national sovereignty with the solidarity of the triad of resistance “the steadfast people, the brave army and the wise leadership”, expressing their happiness and pride in the icon of the Syrian resistance Al-Maqt.

They underlined that the patriotic and heroic stances of the released Syrian captive Sidqi Al-Muqt  are examples of the national and social values of the steadfast of the citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan who are committed to their lands.

On their part , a number of the citizens of Quneitra stressed that the liberation of the Dean of the Syrian captives is the beginning of the way to complete the liberation of the entire occupied Syrian Golan , renewing that the citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan will press ahead in their struggle to confront all Zionist measures and practices against the occupied Syrian Golan’s land, people and history..

On his part , the Governor of Quneitra, Eng. Hammam Debyat, congratulated the Syrians, the citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan for this victory to release al-Maqt , which came as a result of the Syrian steadfastness and the victory against terrorism.

He stressed that our priority is the liberation of all of our occupied lands in the Golan, greeting the icon of struggle and steadfastness Sidqi al-Maqt.

The member of the People's Assembly, Dr. Refaat Al-Hussein, pointed out that freedom of the released Syrian captive is a victory for the Syrian will and evidence that the land and citizens of the Golan are in the heart of President Bashar al-Assad, and at the forefront of our national work until its liberation.

 Rawaa Ghanam