Justice Served

The Syrian hero Sedqi Suleiman al-Maqat's freedom out from the Israeli occupation prisons is in the interest of justice, legality and right.

The hero al-Maqat's return to the bosom of the big mother homeland has been mingled with honor, bravery and manhood; still there was a bitter feeling of sorrow and sadness as the heroine mother of the hero the late mother, Mahmouda Ali al-Maqt al-Maqat, passed away after long thorny days of waiting on pins and needles as to embrace the hero son!

Be sure hero, all kindness and tenderness of the Syrian motherhood are yours; as you have indeed been a legend of struggle and resistance against occupation.

The sovereign integrated homeland lives in your heart, as once more you have preferred the agonies of detention to non-complete freedom and that glory is never to be gained through half-solutions but by dignity, pride and steadfastness in the face of aggressors, as our steadfast President underscored.

Hopefully the release of the hero al-Maqat is  a message of reconsideration and correction for committed and perpetrated violations not only against a freedom fighter but against all the occupied and oppressed.

The blessings of Russian President, Putin, and President Assad's determination and struggle yielded a fruitful justice to be done!

The hero Al-Maqt struggle and sacrifices along with those made by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism and enemies have enlightened the path for our present and coming generations toward a free and dignified future, to a definite promise as to liberate every pan of the sacred Syrian territories.

The release of the hero al-Maqat might create a better opportunity on the way of justice, liberation and peace achievement on the bases of  Madrid UNSC 242 and 338 Resolutions to the lines of the June 4th 1967 line, or a possible Moscow process, as all ways seem to lead there.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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