A national activity in Ain Al-Tineh, Quneitra, on the occasion of the liberation of the two prisoners, Sidqi al-Maqt and Amal Abu Saleh

Quneitra, ST- With an official and popular participation, a national activity was held today in Ain al-Tineh, opposite to the town of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan, in homage to the victory of the resistance and breaking the will of the Israeli occupier, on the occasion of the liberation of the Dean of the Syrian and Arab captives in the Israeli occupation jails Sidqi Suleiman Al-Maqt and the prisoner Amal Fawzi Abu Saleh.

Participants in the activity, which was held by the Governorate of Quneitra in cooperation with the Union of Revolution Youth and Popular Activities, confirmed that the liberation of the heroic prisoners from the occupation prisons is a victory for Syria , especially that it coincides with the victories of the Syrian Arab Army in its battles against terrorism. The participants renewed their insistence on completing the battle until the liberation of the entire occupied Syrian Golan.