Citizens in occupied Syrian Golan stress support for the Syrian Army in fighting the Turkish-backed terrorists in Idleb

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Citizens in Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan have affirmed their support for the Syrian Arab Army in fighting Turkish-backed terrorist organizations in Idleb, reiterating that attempts by President of the Turkish regime to maintain the presence of the terrorists in Idleb will fail and that Syria will continue to be the graveyard of aggressors and invaders.

Some of the citizens told SANA that the Turkish backed terrorism in Idleb is doomed to defeat thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, reiterating the Syrians' rejection of the Turkish regime's brutal aggression on the Syrian lands that aims at supporting terrorists.  

Member of the Baath Arab Socialist Party in Quneitra Hamza Suleiman affirmed the Syrian Arab Army's right to confront the Turkish occupation, noting that this right is guaranteed by international laws and conventions.

He pointed out that the Turkish regime's non-compliance with international agreements and its continuous attempts to assist the terrorists in their attacks against the Syrians confirm this regime's involvement in supporting terrorism.

From occupied Golan, liberated prisoner Suleiman al-Maqt said that the citizens in Golan see in the victories of the Syrian army in Idleb a start to complete liberating every inch of the occupied Syrian territories, pointing out that the Syrians are backing their army in the battle against Erdogan's attempts to achieve its aspirations and illusions in reviving the defunct Ottoman Sultanate.

One of the citizens said that the presence of the Turkish regime's forces in the Syrian territories is an occupation and a violation of the Syrian sovereignty and "this gives us the right to defend and protect our lands."

He noted that President of the Turkish regime is the one who must to be blame for the killing of Turkish soldiers on Syrian lands.

Another citizen asserted that the Syrian Arab Army's fight against terrorism and its Turkish supporter comes within the framework of the army's national duty and task to defend and protect Syria  and the Syrian citizens against occupation with all its names and types.

Hamda Mustafa