Cuba: Occupied Golan is a Syrian land

QUNEITRA, (ST)-The Cuban ambassador in Damascus Miguel Porto Parga has  affirmed his country's solidarity with Syria in the face of the global terrorist war waged against it because of its support for liberation and resistance forces in the world.

During his visit to the Quneitra city crossing  on Thursday, the Cuban ambassador reiterated that the occupied Syrian Golan is a Syrian Arab land and that all the Israeli occupation’s measures as well as the US President Donald Trump’s declaration on the Syrian Golan are illegal.

He told SANA correspondent in the city that his visit is a message of solidarity and support for Syria and for its right to liberate all its occupied territories.

 He underlined that the city of Quneitra, with is considered the first line of defense against the Israeli occupation, is the land of resistance and steadfastness and the gateway to the liberation of Golan and to its return to the Syrian sovereignty.

The Cuban ambassador indicated that his visit also comes to commemorate  the heinous crime of bombing a Cuban ship in 1961 by American intelligence agents that claimed the lives of dozens of innocent Cuban civilians.

Rawaa Ghanam