Al-Maqt: Syria’s victories against terrorism push the US & Israel to impose the so-called Caesar Act

Occupied Syrian Golan (ST): The liberated Syrian captive Sedki al-Maqt has reiterated the continuity of the march of struggle and resistance until the full liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan and its return to its motherland Syria.

Interviewed by Syria Today Channel, al-Maqt stressed the adherence of the occupied Golan people to their motherland and the Syrian Arab identity  and the continuity of struggle in confrontation of the Judaization plans, especially the Israeli settlement project to construct wind turbines on the Golan people’s lands and confiscate their properties by force.

Al-Maqt noted that the 26th of June 1974 is the day of glory and dignity as it crowned the victories and heroic deeds of the Syrian Arab army in the October War of Liberation.

Al-Maqt greeted the Syrian people and army whose victories against the terrorist organizations pushed their supporters like the US and Israel to impose the so-called Caesar Act and other unilateral coercive measures on Syria.

He concluded that Syrian  people will foil the conspiracies and defeat sanctions in the same way they defeated terrorism.