People in occupied Syrian Golan renew protests against Israel's plan to set up wind turbines on their farmland

People in the occupied Syrian Golan organized a rally near Birket Ram adjacent to Mount Hermon to protest agaunst the Israeli plan to set up wind turbines on their farmlands.

Participants in the rally expressed their complete rejection of all the Israeli occupation's Judaization schemes, foremost of which is the project of building wind turbines on the farmland of the people of Golan and of confiscating locals' properties by force.

The participants affirmed that the scheme is part of the Zionist occupation's hostile procedures against the land and identity of Golan and it aims at looting the properties of the Golanese, who have the exclusive right to do whatever they want in their land.

 The participants reiterated their adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and vowed not to cede an inch of the Syrian land whatever sacrifices this may cost.

The Israeli occupation tries to implement its wind turbines project under the pretext of generating electricity from wind. The real goal is to confiscate more than 6000 dunums of the lands that belong to locals in the occupied villages of Majdal Shams, Beq'ata, Mas'adeh and Ein Qinieh and to displace citizens.

Hamda Mustafa