People of Golan look back upon anniversary of annexation decision by adhering to Syrian national identity and confronting occupation plans

Our people in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan renewed their adherence to their Syrian Arab national identity and their continuous confrontation of  all practices of the Israeli occupation entity in the occupied Golan until its liberation.

On the 39th anniversary of the comprehensive national strike against the ill-fated Israeli annexation decision, our people in the Golan confirmed their continued resistance and struggle to confront all the plans of the occupation entity and stand with the Syrian Arab Army until the liberation of the entire territory of the occupied Golan.


 “We salute our fathers who took this historic and bold decision to confront all the plans of the Israeli occupation, foremost of which is the invalid annexation decision. We pledge to our Syrian Arab people, army and leadership that we will remain faithful to the struggle and heroic legacy of our fathers”, locals of Golan said in a statement.

In their statement, the people added: “From the anniversary of February 14, we in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan are inspired by the will and  determination to confront, resist and thwart all the plans of the Israeli occupation, foremost among which is the destructive settlement scheme represented by the establishment of giant turbines.”

On February 14, 1982, our people in the occupied Golan carried out a strike that lasted six months in rejection of  the ominous annexation decision, which led to complete paralysis in the various regions of the occupied Golan. They launched massive demonstrations through which they were able to impose their will categorically rejecting this racist decision.


Inas Abdulkareem