Golan's citizens: Syrian national flag will be raised in the Golan sooner or later

QUNEITRA, (ST)_ Citizens of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan on Sunday asserted that they will go ahead with confronting the Israeli occupation authorities' expansion plans.

In commemoration of the 39th anniversary of their historic strike against the decision of the Israeli occupation authority to annex the Golan, and in affirmation of their belonging to their homeland Syria and their rejection of the occupation, the Golan's citizens gathered in Majdal Shams town, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

The agency reported: "On Feb. 14th 1982, citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan staged a six-month strike in rejection of the ill-fated decision issued by the Israeli occupation authority on December 14th 1981 which led to complete paralysis in different areas of the occupied Golan, and they held massive demonstrations through which they were able to impose their will which categorically rejects this racist decision."

It quoted Sidqi Al-Maqt, the released Syrian Captive, as saying that the Golan's citizens will never abandon their Syrian nationality and they will fight until the achievement of victory over the Zionist occupation.

The participants in the rally affirmed that the Golan's citizens foiled the Zionist plan that aims at Judaizing the Golan and annexing it.

They pointed out that Golan is Syrian  land and will remain so despite all Zionist measures and the US Administrations' unlimited support to Israel.

The Golan's citizens also stressed that the Syrian flag will be raised in the Golan sooner or later.

Basma Qaddour