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The Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Lebanon: The occupied Golan is a Syrian land and resistance to the Zionist occupation is legitimate

On February 14th, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Lebanon affirmed that the steadfastness of the people of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan and their resistance to the Israeli occupation is legitimate 

On the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the comprehensive national strike waged by the people of the Golan on 14th February 1982 to reject the invalid annexation decision, the party issued a statement saying “The February 14 uprising constituted one of the stations of steadfastness through which the people of the Golan expressed their will to resist the occupation and adhere to their identity.” 

The statement said that the steadfast people of the occupied Golan embodied, through their adherence to their Syrian identity, the reality of their belonging to their homeland

The statement stressed that the occupied Golan is Syrian land, and this is a firmly established fact and that resistance to the occupation is obligatory and legitimate

For his part, the Secretary of the Command of the Independent Nasserite Movement, Brigadier Mustafa Hamdan, confirmed that the struggle of the sons of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan and their rejection of the Israeli occupation will remain the live fire of struggle rejecting all attempts at annexation and intimidation. 

Hamdan said in a statement, addressing the people of the Golan, You were and will remain the pride of the nation, and you are today the crown of the heads and the vanguard of the resistance.

Inas Abdulkareem