People of occupied Syrian Golan renew rejection of the occupation’s plans to build wind turbines on their lands

On the main street in the village of Masada in the occupied Golan, people of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan organized today a protest against the Israeli occupation’s plan to set up wind turbines on their agricultural lands.

The participants renewed their adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and the land and to defend it regardless of the sacrifices it cost. They expressed their rejection of the Israeli occupation’s Jewish schemes aiming at setting up wind turbines on their agricultural lands and forcibly confiscating their property.

The participants stressed that the policies of the Israeli occupation authorities will not pass, and that they will continue to confront this project, which has become considered the greatest danger. So,  the occupied Syrian villages' squares will continue to  witness incessant popular movements until  this project is foiled as what the locals formerly did with dozens of settlement plans against the occupied Golan.

It is noteworthy that the turbine scheme, or what is known as “wind turbines”, which the occupation entity is trying to pass under the pretext of generating electricity from wind energy, is nothing but an evasive scheme where 52 giant wind turbines  will be  installed . This project also aims at confiscating more than six thousand dunams of land belonging to the people of the villages of Majdal Shams, Baqatha, Masada, Ain Qenya and the  displacement of locals from their homes and lands.

Inas Abdulkareem