Fighter Nihal Al-Maqt confirms that steadfastness of women of occupied Syrian Golan is an example of Syrian woman in her struggle

Fighter Nihal Al-Maqt, daughter of the occupied Syrian Golan, confirmed that the commitment of  the  women of the Golan  to the soil and their steadfastness alongside men in resisting the Israeli occupation constituted an example for Syrian women in their struggle and steadfastness.

The daughter of the occupied town of Majdal Shams said, "Women in the world struggle and sacrifice for their rights and their children. But women in the occupied Syrian Golan and all the occupied lands struggle on several fronts. She noted that she was side by side with the man in resisting the Israeli occupation. So she was the martyr, the captive, the mother of the martyr, the captive's mother, the prisoner's sister, the martyr's wife, and the prisoner's wife.


Al-Maqt indicated that the woman in the occupied Syrian Golan was a fighter who protected her children from the attack of the occupier, preserved them and brought them up on love of  their homeland to protect the land.

Al-Maqt saluted President Bashar Al-Assad, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, and all Syrian mothers, especially mothers of the Syrian Arab Army fighters, who are defending Syria's pride and dignity.


Inas Abdulkareem