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Dashti: International community must stop the occupation's violations against the people of the occupied Golan

Geneva (ST): The President of the International Council for Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights, Abdul Hamid Dashti affirmed that the Israeli occupation continues its violations and aggressive practices against the Palestinian people and the people of the occupied Syrian Golan, calling on the international community to take the necessary measures to stop these violations that go against  international law and relevant UN resolutions.

In an intervention he made during the forty-sixth session of the Human Rights Council on the seventh item on the human rights situation in Palestine and the other occupied Arab territories, Dashti said that the whole world has affirmed on several occasions that the Golan is a Syrian Arab land under occupation and that the United Nations, with all its bodies, must provide the necessary support to the Syrian people who are determined to use their right to respond to the repeated aggression to liberate the occupied Golan very soon, in accordance with the United Nations Charter and international legitimacy resolutions.

Dashti pointed out that the Human Rights Council is meeting today and the suffering of the Palestinian people, whose lands have been occupied since 1948,  still continues, and thousands of Palestinian prisoners are still in the occupation prisons amidst deliberate medical negligence and the failure to provide the minimum medical care and necessities of life in light of the Corona pandemic.

Dashti explained that despite the issuance of hundreds of UN resolutions not to harm the occupied City of Jerusalem, its holy sites and people, it is still subjected to racist measures and violations by the occupation and its settlers, while continuing settlement expansion, which the international efforts must work to stop completely.