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Mother in occupied Syrian Golan is lady of land and partner of struggle

Women in the occupied Syrian Golan have  played pivotal role in struggle and resistance and in confronting the occupiers due to their will and resilience. 

The struggle of women in the occupied Syrian Golan is historical and deeply rooted. Syria was not immune to the ambitions of the colonial powers in all ancient, modern and contemporary periods, according to Dr. Hasna Nasr Al-Hussein, a researcher in political history and international relations.

On Mother’s Day, she indicated that the failure of the opposing forces was the common denominator in all these eras.  The people of Golan participated in the making of the history which is full of victories, thanks to their mothers who grew them up  relying on firm belief in the unity and holiness of the Syrian soil.

Faith and belief, which were transformed into an approach pursued by women in the Syrian Golan, embodied according to Hussein, in preserving the Syrian national identity and participating in the battle for the right to return the occupied Syrian Golan to the homeland of Syria and confronting the criminal acts of the Zionist entity, challenging its military and security arsenals with their defenceless body.

Al-Hussein highlighted the steadfastness of the woman of the Golan despite all the terrorist practices carried out by the Zionist forces in violation of international legitimacy and international humanitarian law.  She also contributed over decades to exposing practices of the occupation, thus creating a state of awareness of public opinion. She made Syria an example for every people suffering from the occupation .

Since the occupation of the Syrian Arab Golan by the Zionist entity, , there have been many militant women who won the honour of martyrdom, including the prisoners who were subjected to brutal imprisonment and torture, and some of them as a result of their steadfastness to freedom.

According to Hussein, the struggle of the Syrian mother in the occupied Syrian Golan was not limited to resisting displacement projects and her attachment to her land. But  the Syrian mother engaged in direct resistance operations with this entity.  So she became involved with the resistance , participated in demonstrations, fought the battle of national and Arab belonging, maintained social and family ties and supported her husband. She was a working and productive mother, and she succeeded in educating her children despite the cases of restrictions and suffocation practiced by the Zionist occupation authorities.

The recent steadfastness of the sons of the occupied Golan and their confrontation of the plans of the occupation authorities to impose the establishment of wind turbines is the best evidence of the Golan’s mothers raising up of their children on struggle and resistance.

The struggle of the Golan’s woman is not different from the rest of the Syrians who have experienced the past ten years of war and aggression, losing their sons as martyrs. 

Inas Abdukareem