People in the occupied Syrian Golan congratulate President Al-Assad on winning presidential elections

The landslide victory of President Bashar Al-Assad in the recently held presidential elections in Syria is the result of years of legendary steadfastness and heroism by the Syrian Arab Army and people against a foreign-backed terrorist war,  the people in the occupied Syrian Golan said on Saturday in a congratulatory cable to President Al-Assad.

 " We, in the occupied Syrian Golan, which is an integral part of the Syrian homeland, are sharing with our fellow citizens in the Syrian cities, towns and villages, their national celebrations marking the reelection of President Al-Assad and we are congratulating our leader on gaining his people's full confidence," the cable said.

"What Syria has witnessed over the past weeks is beyond description. It has been a revolution of challenge, steadfastness and victory that stressed the Syrians' love for their great leader," the cable added, expressing the loyalty of the people in Golan to President Al-Assad's wise leadership.

 Hamda Mustafa