Syrians celebrate the anniversary of hoisting national flag in liberated Quneitra city

QUNEITRA, (ST)_ The province of Quneitra  has celebrated the anniversary of hoisting the Syrian flag in the liberated Quneitra on June, 26, 1974, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA). 
The agency reported on Thursday that a celebration was held in Al-Tahrir square in the liberated Quneitra city where speakers asserted that  the October War was and still is  the gate for completing the liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan from the Israeli entity. 
QUNEITRA Governor Abdulhalim Khalil affirmed determination more than ever to continue the struggle till liberating the occupied Syrian Golan and every inch of Syrian land from terrorism.
On June 26th, 1974, the Late President Hafez Al-Assad hoisted the national flag in Quneitra after it had been liberated by the Syrian army from the Israeli enemy thanks to the heroism and sacrifices of the army personnel and the resilience of the Syrian people during October Liberation War and what it had proved of clear facts, on top Syria’s right to restore all of the occupied Syrian Golan.
Citizens of the Golan strongly adhere to their belonging to the homeland Syria and reject the Israeli identity ,expressing determination to liberate the Golan and to return to the homeland.
Basma Qaddour